Our president is defending–not condemning–neo-nazis, white supremacists, and hate groups

Our president is defending–not condemning–neo-nazis, white supremacists, and hate groups

There is no room for equivocal statements when neo-nazis are marching through our cities. Sure, they have the right to freedom of speech, and I know that the message of love and unity will always defeat the message of hate and division in the marketplace of ideas. So give these philistines their march with their worn out, hateful ideas. However, expect folks who subscribe to a philosophy of unity and love to be there to counter-protest.

Before recent events, I would expect any president of the United States to state unequivocally that he supports and appreciates the counter-protestors' sacrifices, including the counter-protestor who was killed. I would expect any president to expound on his abhorrence of all hate groups, particularly the recently active hate groups of white supremacists, neo-nazis, and Klansmen. I would expect him to say that their message is one of hate and division and an extremist view that has no place in mainstream politics.

Instead, what we got was a president who "blames both sides." Then he amends his previously callous remark with a delusion: "the alt left [which doesn't exist] is also to blame." If prior to this tragedy in Virginia, one didn't see that the alt right and white supremacists make up Trump's base, it is now plainly and painfully visible.

At a press conference about infrastructure spending (the president never held a press conference about the neo-nazi act of terrorism/hate crime after 1 person was killed and 19 were injured), three days after neo-nazis took to the streets of Charlottesville, VA, The President was given ample opportunity to condemn David Duke and disavow the support shown to him by white supremacists, and neo-nazis.

He came back to the podium as if he were going to answer the question, "Do you, Mr. President, disavow support from nazis?"; alas, he approached the podium to talk about where he would sign the manufacturing bill (the evasion and criticism of the free press has become an increasingly alarming tactic–a tactic employed by despots). As he walked away, he was once again asked by a voice that forced all other questions and sounds into the background, "Do you disavow the support you receive from white supremacists?" President Trump clearly heard the question, and his shaking head, and nervous body language after the question had been asked betrayed his attempt to pretend he wasn't listening. He walked away.

He walked away from the moral leadership that the president of the United States must display assiduously. How we allowed a person to become president who has never once shown the the propensity to serve his fellow man, but has shown the proclivity to serve his own base interests in all of his dealings, I do not know.

I do know that he was sued by the federal government for racial discrimination for steering African Americans away from his properties; that he has tried with some success to ban folks from certain Muslim majority countries from entering the United States; that he has made asylum to the United States more difficult to obtain (a process that was already near impossible) and that many of these folks aided the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. I know that Trump's father was arrested after marching in a parade turned riot in which two Italians were killed by KKK members and sympathizers. The flyer passed around that no doubt induced Mr. Trump to march was thoroughly anti-Italian and anti-Papist (anti-Catholic).

And we are aware of the words that have come out of President Trump's own mouth: of Mexican undocumented workers, he said "they're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists"; at the Republican National Jewish Conference, he stated, "Is there anybody that doesn't renegotiate deals in this room? This room negotiates them — perhaps more than any other room I've ever spoken in." The only consistency in Donald Trump's personal and political philosophy that I've been able to find is the consistency of his racism.

His fallacious comment that equated inner-cities to war zones, enraged me–a lifelong resident of the inner-city. First of all, our inner-cities, particularly Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City are bastions of the American melting pot. I participate in Caribbean Day, Dorchester Day, Saint Anthony's Feast, and Saint Patrick's Day, and, even though I'm an Irish kid originally from the Irish Projects, I got to learn about my brothers' and sisters' culture. Yes, I refer to my fellow. Bostonians as brothers and sisters–Boston is a brotherhood/a sisterhood. There is no war zone here.

The only war we're fighting is to save the identity of our cities as huge demographic shifts occur. If anything, the inner-city is a real estate gold mine, rather than a war zone. But issues will exist in any densely populated neighborhood that is the home of those struggling socioeconomically. But Trump doesn't understand these complexities. For him, the "inner city war zone" was just more racist-speak. He was appealing to his white supremacist/alt-right base, and he did not care about putting us (the inner city folks) down in the process–the people who strive and struggle to make the neighborhood work.

And now we are dealing with the ramifications of Trump's candidacy and presidency. Speech is protected under the 1st Amendment, but I think most racist Americans kept their racist beliefs hidden. They saw how passionately Americans turned to the Obama Campaign that called for unity, hope, and love, and they saw how successful that campaign was. Not until their "man" won the presidency did these "brave" men come out from hiding.

The inaction and moral equivalency of this president in the wake of Charlottesville, VA could have ramifications for this country's race relations, and the event has proven that there is a vacuum of moral leadership right now, which could lead to societal breakdown. Perhaps you are the one we need to fill that void of leadership. Progressives and conservatives, whites and people of color, Gentile's and Jews, remain united in faith and love, and we shall not be defeated.

The Jewish Roots of Catholicism; Jesus was a Jew

In 414, an entire community of Jews were violently assaulted by Christians to the point of extinction. This ignorance comes from the inability of those Christians to read the history and comprehend the early Christian Church, and the Nicene Creed created by Constantine who no longer tolerated other faiths; nor did he tolerate various thoughts (heresies) within the Christian Church. To this demagogue who created the much of Catholicism's dogma, a "heresy" endangered his unified Roman Empire, and his mind must be expelled.

The early Church was made up of Jews who were followers of Christ. They practiced Jewish Rituals, went to Temple, and adhered to Jewish Scripture. Even later on, after Constantine promulgated the Edict of Milan, Jews and Christians began sharing rituals once again, just as the early Jews who followed Jesus did.

Constantine turned Christianity into the religion of state, and adopted the Cross as his military banner, and thus made Christianity a religion of power–a religion of state. This presaged the schism
between Judaism and Christianity. A schism that led to the deaths of millions of Jews.

Constantine had a "celestial vision" in the night's sky that if he and his army cross the Milvian Bridge and cross the Tiber and into Rome with the Cross of Jesus as their unifying symbol, Constantine would be victorious. The Cross was to be formed by a spear and a traverse bar. It was to become a symbol not only of Christianity, but of state power represented metaphorically by the spear.

It is more likely that the well-educated, politically astute (a man just as politically astute as Karl Rove, David Plouffe, and David Axelrod) Constantine saw that upon crossing the Rubicon and Tiber and entering Rome, that he would need a passionate base to secure his position. Although not in the majority, Christians provided Constantine with the political strength he needed to maintain control of Rome:

They were a minority, but a well organized one. And no claimant had the allegiance of a majority. Fierce Christian devotion to a conqueror whose miraculous conversion proved the truth of their faith would have made Christians powerful political allies. – James Carroll, Constantine's Sword. New York: Mariner Books, 2002, p 182

Realizing that the sudden conversion to Christianity may jeopardize the good will he had amongst his pagan troops and followers, he met with his sole adversary, Licinius, and they issued the Edict of Milan, which granted religious freedom to pagans, Jews, and Christians.

Referred to as "man's free choice", one can already see the sprouting seeds of the Enlightenment, and dare I say, the genesis of a seedling witnessed in the words of the Edict of Milan, which divined that one day men and women would accept and fight for God's Natural Laws and the freedom and rights inherent in those laws. e.g., freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech.

Many, Romans, having those purely progressive human characteristics of unity, hope, and love, had that innate desire to relate to other cultures. Our early progressives felt the innate desire to relate to their Jewish kin. Once again Christians found their Jewish roots and began practicing the rituals of their mother religion–the rituals that Our Savior practiced. How could that be sinful? Yet Constantine saw this as a danger to the unification of the empire and issued the Edict of Milan:

The decree signals the success Jews were having in attracting Christians to their culture and calendar. Moreover, the decree was prompted by a widespread Christian wish to maintain a lively connection with the Jewish origin of faith in Jesus. (Ibid. p. 185

But Constantine, now proving himself a demagogue who passes and abolishes laws according to how these laws will benefit him and his quest, not just to unify the Empire, but to unify the Empire under his name, passed a law that restricted Jews from proselytizing (an act that Jews are not well-known for–attraction to the faith is their preferred method of propagation).

Thus Constantine and the Cross permanently separated the religions of Judaism and Christianity. These religions might have been inseparable if not for the ignorance of the historical context of Jesus and for The Emperor Constantine. After all, Christ and his followers did not alter their Jewish Rituals and beliefs.

Constantine became the sole ruler of the empire. The dogmatist in political matters became the dogmatist in religious matters. Constantine was not baptized; yet he set the Church's policy for 1700 years. And that policy was not decided by Catholic Intellectuals, but by a dogmatist who wasn't baptized, and who merely sought to unify his empire.

It is important to emphasize that this need [for Constantine to answer the questions debated in The Church since Jesus' Day], which has so dominated Roman Catholicism that even now the Church cannot break free from it, was first defined not by the Lord, a Jew who identified with dissenters; nor by his apostles, who did not hesitate to differ from one another; nor by his successor bishops who defended interests; nor by evangelists who produced not one version of the Jesus story but four … but by an all-conquering emperor for whom one empire had come to equal one religion. (Ibid. p. 189)

We say the Nicene Creed weekly at Mass. The words of the Emperor Constantine. It has taken a Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis, to finally see the sin in uttering a politically motivated doctrine for the Church set by an Empire, who though not baptized, took it upon himself, and himself only to set the dogma of the Church.

Prior to Pope Francis, The Catholic Church finally made an attempt to amend the doctrinal past that caused the Church as an institution to behave so contrary to the words of Christ. Historically, the Church has often been at odds with the sagacious words and actions of Christ. As the Roman Catholic Church, would the Church perpetuate the Roman Empire or perpetuate the words of Christ?

O'Malley [Reverend and Georgetown University Professor] says a theme of the documents was reconciliation. In keeping, they allowed for Catholics to pray with other Christian denominations, encouraged friendship with other non-Christian faiths, and opened the door for languages besides Latin to be used during Mass. Other new positions concerned education, the media and divine revelation. – Jordan G. Teicher, "Why is Vatican II so Important?" Religion. NPR (10 October 2012) Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/2012/10/10/162573716/why-is-vatican-ii-so-important Accessed on 18 August 2017

Constantine corrupted our faith. Jesus demonstrated that dissent was a universal good. His acts of protest and dissent mark some of the greatest stories in the New Testament. The turning over of the tables in the Temple used for the marketing of goods is a crowd pleaser. Dissent is the application of the greatest gift that God gave us: the gift of human reasoning. Jesus wanted there to be questions meditated on by rigorous minds like Augustine and other intellectuals. Jesus wished his theology of unity, love, hope, and, yes, of dissent, to be questioned and studied by erudites of various backgrounds. And most importantly he felt dissent a freedom that if suppressed by a tyrannical demagogue would lead to the brainwashing (the removal of rationality, the gift of reason, and the love that we feel towards those whom we disagree) and the mass hysteria of whole nations of people, as a way for those to pervert Christianity and promulgate hate, as we saw in the death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau

Now we have a Pope who truly understands that human reasoning is God's greatest gift to man, that truly wants his bishops to think, and even his flock to think. He is the anti-demagogue. The antipode to Emperor Constantine. He wishes the Church to go back to the days when regional bishops had greater responsibility and participated in the development of Catholic teaching. As a Jesuit Catholic Jewish Deist, and as follower of Jesus, not just the Jesus of the Bible, but of the historical Jesus so often over-looked, I think it is about time that The Church has come to realize that it isn't kosher to have an Emperor–not baptized and a complete demagogue–as the power-thirsty, greedy, and very fallible man who has the final say in a religion that worships a man who denied Satan's offer of empire, power, and riches, and instead wondered the dessert for 40 days.

Pope Francis yesterday gave an address to the profoundly divided Synod on the Family in which he confirmed his plans to decentralise the Catholic Church – giving local bishops’ conferences more freedom to work out their own solutions to the problems of divorce and homosexuality … One statement in particular horrified the conservatives. Francis told them that ‘the sense of faith impedes the rigid separation between the Teaching Church and the Learning Church, because the flock possesses its own “sense” to discern the new roads that the Lord reveals to the church… – Damian Thompson, "Pope Francis is now effectively at war with Vatican" The Spectator (18 October 2015) Accessed on 16 August 2017

Pope Francis' radical belief that a layperson can have astute observations about the Catholic Faith and that the likelihood that The Holy Spirit can be revealed in the adept reasoning of a layperson, seem to be radical beliefs only within the institution of the Catholic Church.

Many prophets of Christ have appeared even in recent history, and they were blessed with the Holy Spirit in their rhetorical skills. MLK and Bobby Kennedy come to mind. They too, like the Jesus that they not only worshipped, but tried their outmost to live their lives as he would, suffered execution as Jesus did. But the Holy Spirit within them lives eternally.

Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the promised land. And I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. – MLK Speech to garbage workers on 3 April 1968

Martin Luther King Jr. was slain by a bullet fired in hatred the next day on 4 April 1968. Like many other prophets he presaged his own untimely death. These words came earlier in the same speech and are just as meaningful:

Now, what does all of this mean in this great period of history? It means that we've got to stay together. We've got to stay together and maintain unity. You know, whenever Pharaoh wanted to prolong the period of slavery in Egypt, he had a favorite, favorite formula for doing it. What was that? He kept the slaves fighting among themselves. (Ibid.)

Jesus died on the Cross and while resurrected blessed us with the gift of the the eternal Holy Spirit, and thus his message of unity, strength, hope, and love is eternal.

The message of Jesus is antonymic to hate or fear. We can not stand idly by as fascists take to the streets with their malfeasant message of hatred and tribalism. We cannot allow any more pogroms under our watch. As long as we have that eternal Holy Spirit within us, or for those who can't relate to that statement, as long as the power of love keeps us moving as a hopeful people towards the removal of a tyranny based on bigotry and hatred, and instead towards unity and love, we will not stop, we will not falter, we will not quit until the light drives out the darkness.

Hopelessness and Heroin

"I've seen the needle and the damage done" sings Neil Young. We can relate to that verse. Due to overdoses, A whole generation of young men and women are dead. I have lost so many family members and friends to this insidious disease. Collectively, we shed a a sacred river of tears. Today, I thought of the endless list of my friends who have succumbed to addiction.

When it comes to social psychology–a passion of mine–I often feel compelled to ask questions and arrive at some
basic truths. So when it comes to a social issue that has resulted in the death of some of the most kind, loving, and gentle souls that God blessed me with the opportunity to befriend, I am duty bound to ask the question "Why?" and to research and explore, and find some answers.

And I'm not writing this article for MD's and PhD'. I am writing it to you, my friends: the addict, the addict's friend, the addict's family member. And if I start to lose you because of my choice of words or my citing of research, please be confident that in the end, you will understand what I have to say. Please believe in your ability to produce a positive change. Your questions, answers, and experiences matter to me, and matter to someone out there whose life you could save. Always remember what our goal is here: we are trying to figure out why all our friends are dying to a vicious disease–a disease that, if we're being honest, wants me dead, and I bet wants you dead too. So don't let any perceived intellectual snobbishness on my part prevent you from addressing an epidemic that has changed all of our lives forever.

Already some of you have opened-and-closed my research. "Addiction is a progressive disease that if left untreated results in death." I agree with that statement, and so doesn't the American Medical Association. But addiction is not a unique psychological illness. There are social/environmental causes that precipitate the disease.

One need only compare the rates of addiction in The United States with that of other countries.

It is highly unlikely that everyone with the biological trait that makes addiction more probable, somehow ended up in the United States.

Something precipitates addiction in American society, whether it is sociological, political, or social psychological. There is an anomaly (something different) in the United States that leads to the highest rates of addiction in the world. The answers to the question, "Why have I lost so many people to this disease?" Is answered when we discover these anomalies–these variables.

Let's take a look at the political anomalies. The United States has a political system that requires candidates to consistently raise money. A congressperson is required to raise $15,000 a week to hold on to his or her seat. That money is not coming from you or me. It is coming from the pharmaceutical lobby. (Aliyah Frumin, "How much does it cost to win a seat in Congress? Well, if you have to ask…" Hardball with Chris Matthews. MSNBC. Retrieved from http://www.msnbc.com/hardball/how-much-does-it-cost-win-seat-congre Accessed on 17 August 17)

So far this year, the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry has spent $1,657,260,107 on bribing your federally elected representatives to pass laws that benefit the pharmaceutical industry (retrieved from OpenSecrets.org on 9 March 2017). Money has already had harmful influence on our government, but senators like the statesmen Senator John McCain–a man who truly loves this country and the principles it was founded upon–witnessed the greed and harm that infected our federally elected politicians. Senator McCain–one of the most honorable men in the senate–and he pushed for limits on the amount of money special interests could donate (or legally bribe) to our elected representatives (keep in mind, as I speak highly of McCain, a Republican who subscribes to a political philosophy that I oppose, still garners my absolute respect and admiration. He is an American–and a hero–who realizes that money is corroding our democracy). With Senator Feingold he wrote legislation that would limit soft money contributions to campaigns.

I considered myself a Democrat my wholelife until recently, and I am not a Republican–I am an American who believes that there are patriots on both sides of the isle–there just aren't any that reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The conservative Supreme Court's Decision with Citizens United turned corporations into entities protected by freedom of speech. Even though corporations exist solely to seek profit in the short term without regard for the harm it does to human beings, they are allowed to donate as much money as necessary to sway the electorate as as long as the money is given to Super-PAC's, which supposedly have no connection with a candidate's campaign, even though the campaign directs their people to their particular super PAC. The SJC's decision has turned this country into a corporatocracy. The echo of "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people" grows more and more distant.

Why is this important to the issue of addiction? Well, all that money donated to campaigns surely helped OxyContin spike in popularity. How many people do you know who received an injury and were given opiates like OxyContin? Did the Doctor tell these people how addictive opiates are and how a tolerance builds that requires one to ingest the same amount just to not feel sick. These drugs were pushed on medical professionals by pharmaceutical industries. According to Forbes Magazine:

The FDA approved the medication in 1995 and it soon took off. By 2003 OxyContin sales hit $1.6 billion as the drug helped drive a huge nationwide spike in opioid prescribing. At its peak in 2012, doctors wrote more than 282 million prescriptions for opioid painkillers, including OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet  – nearly enough for every American to have a bottle. (Chase Peterson-Withorn, "Fortune of Family Behind OxyContin" Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2016/06/29/fortune-of-family-behind-oxycontin-drops-amid-declining-prescriptions/ accessed on 9 August 2017)

Let's discuss the corrosive proclivities that exists in the social psychological make up of American society. A pervasive sense of hopelessness in the souls of most Americans suggests a lack of fulfillment.

The genesis of this spiritual malady begins at a young age. We are exposed to commercials and advertisements that darken our souls with the belief that happiness is an external search. We seek money and material goods more than we seek peace, happiness and serenity, which can only be found in the deepest recesses of our minds. The Jesuits at BC High taught me that happiness requires that we commit acts of justice–we must be "men for others". And I never feel more fulfilled while engaging in acts of justice–particularly social justice. I always hoped that achieving my Bachelors Degree would allow me to be a man for others.

But we who were "lucky enough" to attend college, are corporate slaves in two ways. Most of the jobs available have a corporate atmosphere that engage in individual competition. We are stuck with jobs that promote an "Ayn Rand" philosophy. We owe a lifelong debt to Corporate America, not for helping us achieve a higher education, but for billing us with minimum payments that ensure that we will remain a mucilage nobody, a number, a sucker, to corporates America.

The American Dream is exactly that, a dream. Conservative, Friedman economic policies have made the American Dream elusive for folks seeking forward mobility. Despite my BA in Political Science and my 3.4 GPA, I am a cement mason for local 534. And I am lucky to have found this union. Being a corporate slave or stuck working retail with no options, one can be tempted to numb oneself.

You did everything right, yet you still lack independence. A BA doesn't get a person as far as it once did. Because of conservative policies, starting with Reagan, which continued with Clintons and the DLC who sought to turn the Democratic Party into a fiscally conservative party, the middle class has slowly disappeared. No jobs, the inability to take care of your family, the rampant hopelessness, all lead to drug use. (Carl Latkin, PhD.; Aaron Curry, PhD; Wei Hua, MD, MS; Melissa Davey MPH, CHES; "Direct and Indirect Associations of Neighborhood Disorder with Drug Use and High Risk Sexual Partners" American Journal of Preventative Medicine Vol. 32 Issue 6 (2007) http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0749379707001110 Accessed on 16 August 17

The United Nations has been able to quantify the happiness of each country. The countries that are the most happy are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland. What do these countries have in common: universal healthcare, union membership of 80-90%, free day care, good schools, lack of corruption in business and governance. (Retrieved from http://worldhappiness.report/ed/2017/) Essentially these countries learned–a long time ago, at around the same time we were unlearning it–that the economic power of the United States came from the strength of the middle class created by the social programs promulgated by FDR: social security and medicare. Now we have a population of folks who have gone from the middle class to dependency on the government to feed themselves. This is an erosion of their independence and liberty. They are victims of bad government policies and are left with shame and guilt. Some numb that economic hopelessness and the erosion of help in the form of social programs with drugs and alcohol.

Our friends that have succumbed to this diabolical disease are not just the victims of their genetic make up. They are the victims of a society the values money and materialism over human life. Our society is based on the lie that materialism and self-interest are the traditional traits of American Society

We must strive to live the truth. We are meant to serve one another, and be selfless. We are meant to to be "men for others". When we subscribe to an ideology of selflessness, we can achieve genuine. happiness. Alcoholics Anonymous states that we must give back what we were freely given in order to maintain our serenity. When we refuse to become a cog in a corporate machine that propagates selfishness and greed, we are protecting ourselves from avarice, evil, and even relapse.

Enlighten friends about the materialism and selfishness rampant in our society. Create the "power of the powerless" as Václav Havel would refer to us. Fight back against the political forces and the spiritually sick sociological state in which we live that has cost so many young lives. Václav Havel writes:

THE PROFOUND crisis of human identity brought on by living within a lie, a crisis which in turn makes such a life possible, certainly possesses a moral dimension as well; it appears, among other things, as a deep moral crisis in society. A person who has been seduced by the consumer value system, whose identity is dissolved in an amalgam of the accouterments of mass civilization, and who has no roots in the order of being, no sense of responsibility for anything higher than his own personal survival, is a demoralized person. The system depends on this demoralization, deepens it, is in fact a projection of it into society. (Vaclav Havel, "Power of the Powerless" retrieved from http://www.vaclavhavel.cz/showtrans.php?cat=eseje&val=2_aj_eseje.html&typ=HTML accessed on 16 August 2017

As Vaclav Havel states in this quote, when we feed into the selfishness of a consumerist society, we become demoralized. What does a demoralized person turn to? Drugs. When we live a life dedicated to the service of your fellow man, you will find that elusive happiness.

Pharmaceutical corporations created the synthetic heroin known as OxyContin that led many of my people to become heroin addicts. The pharmaceutical industry pays an astronomically high price to our politicians for the right to deal drugs.

Corporations have reduced us to consumers who seek happiness through external means. When we seek happiness externally we are bound to be unhappy. Corporate greed and the milieu it has created has formed a society of demoralized citizens. This demoralization of our society is the reason we have lost so many friends. Are we going to fight back, or will we continue to allow the demoralization of society by corporate America?

Trump antonymic to American and Christian Values

MLK beautifully writes of Aquinas' view of human law: "An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality."

To my fellow American Catholics and Christians, I ask you to ponder Aquinas' view of human law. Then I ask you to ponder if laws that involve building walls, propagate ophobia, harm our planet's environment, and ban people of a certain religion from entering this country, pass Aquinas' test of human law: does it follow the divinely gifted natural law and uplift the human personality?

The Bill of Rights were born out of the natural law. We have a right to them. And indeed our Founders believed natural law came from God, just as Aquinas did. John Quincy Adams writes:

The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.

To divide ourselves into factions and tribes is not what Jesus, Aquinas, or The Founders had in mind. To divide ourselves according to skin color in
The United States, and to divide the world into the Muslim World and the West is the iniquitous world view of Donald Trump and his obnoxious, sleazy, hateful supporters. It is a complete deviation of Catholicism, Christianity, and American Principles. I am offended and incensed at the folks who voted for Trump and those who support such a deviation from our national principles and values.

There are men who fought for our natural rights bequeathed by God in the Revolutionary War and World War II–values that Americans died protecting. And then there are folks, who wrap themselves in the American flag, who odiously harbor hateful, racist beliefs. They have not the faintest notion of what that flag represents. And they voted for a man who is antonymic to the principles that those Americans died protecting. Their only solace was that these great, sacred, and undeniable American values would be eternal, and that generations of Americans would be blessed with their natural rights. The Preamble to the Constitution states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL men are created equal. That they were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. – Thomas Jefferson

Already Trump has clearly extolled his disbelief that all men are created equal; his ubiquitous racist and sexist remarks prove that. Tax breaks to the wealthy and a vindictive drive to destroy the American Affordable Heath Care Act (Obamacare) means more to him than the lives of millions of Americans. His tax breaks and bloated military budget take from the "least of these" and give to those who have plenty. He's going after their food stamps and their Medicare. And despite Obamacare saving the lives of 50,000 American lives (retrieved from https://www.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/professionals/quality-patient-safety/pfp/interimhacrate2013.pdf on 3 August 2017) Even if you question the research method of the cited article, it is accurate to say that many Americans diagnosed with cancer would have went bankrupt, lost their homes, and their possessions. Because of Obamacare, they're able to stay in their homes, keep their possessions, and focus on getting treatment, without worrying about where they would find the money to stay alive. And this is what Trump is lobbying Congress to repeal. The Consitution guarentees the right to life; nowhere does it say that you have an undeniable right to life, only if you have a pre-existing condition–only if you have Blue Cross.

The most egregious form of Trump's trampling over our natural rights enshrined in our Constitution is his colluding with the dictator of a belligerent, completely self-interested enemy of The United States. It is a kind of treachery that we have not experienced since Benedict Arnold.

Furthermore, he lost by 3 million votes. Overwhelming evidence proves that he is lying to the American people when he claims that millions of illegals voted–another testament to his lack of moral fabric, lack of character, lack of honesty and overall unfitness to lead anything, especially this great country–a country whose greatness lies in its values and not in a hateful demagogue who has no respect for life.

Moreover, Trump colluded with the Russian government to damage his opponent, which makes his election illegitimate. He is a pretender who has committed treason. He has demonstrated his scorn for the sacred right that is an essential component of any healthy democracy. It is our natural right and the people's sovereign power to elect their leader without undue outside influence from other countries.

The United States has an important role to play in international relations. Yes, we have done terrible things throughout history, both internationally and domestically. No institution, church, or society is without sin, and that's because we are human. We an only hope to keep progressing and learn from our mistakes We are not a completely self-serving country. Right now in Venezuela, where a brutal civil war rages, we have enacted sanctions to stop the pernicious Nicolas Maduro–who has already torn the Venezuelan Constitution to shreds–from becoming dictator,.

Our most powerful tool in international relations is our soft power: the ability to influence the behavior of other international actors (other countries) by the appeal of our values and by our benignant actions. We are losing that soft power. The world does not want to revert to tribalism and fight a clash of civilizations. Even our Western Allies are beginning to abandon us. The people of the world, including most Americans, want to progress towards a world that follows the standard set by Aquinas, Jesus, and The Founders. Does American Law follow God's natural law and uplift the human spirit?

Every president should respect and revere God's Natural Law set forth in both the Constitution and Christianity. Donald Trump, who constantly attacks the way people look, whose vindictiveness and hatred leads to vitriolic rhetoric, who espouses racist beliefs, who has sacrilegiously and treacherously utilized Russian intelligence to influence the election (he actually asked for Russian assistance during a debate), was nothing short of a coup. He is antonymic to God's Natural Law, Constitution, and Christianity.

Paul Adams Jr.

The Trump Doctrine? Ask Putin

Trump has already damaged our international reputation. His first act as Commander-in-Chief resulted in the death of an 8 year old, and the death of one of our best, a Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer Owens and three other injuries Yet, unlike his predecessor, Trump, most likely due to his Johns Hopkins’ diagnosis of malignant narcissism, blamed President Obama. Ironically (perhaps not for someone suffering from Trump’s personality disorder) President Obama never signed off on this raid. He questioned the wisdom of getting even more embroiled in Yemen with special forces. Trump went on to blame the generals after not getting the traction he wanted in the story that blamed Obama.

At the end of his predecessor’s presidency, the United States enjoyed an 89% rating in Germany, an 84% approval rating in France (yes, France), and a 79% approval rating in the U.K.–our most important ally. These numbers are mind blowing in how Trump managed in 8 months to turn Germany’s approval rating of 89% to 11%. France went from 79% to 14%. The UK–I’ll reiterate “our most important ally”–from 79% to 22%.

These are our allies; our fellow NATO members; the countries that are supporting our attempt (or at least our former attempt under Obama) to curb Russian aggression–the country who interfered in our election and has recently committed more cyber attacks against us; the country that invaded Georgia and Ukraine.

I do not believe this country has ever seen such blatant incompetence in The White House, especially in matters of international relations. We have gone from being the Leaders of the Free World to an isolated country whose allies are bewildered by Trump’s cozying up to the dictator we are supposed to collectively hold in check.

Trump is quite audacious to call President Obama’s foreign policy weak. President Obama decimated al Qaeda, pushed ISIS out of Iraq, and gave the order to kill bin Laden, all while increasing the popularity of the United States in the Middle East and Europe, which allowed for the genesis of nascent democratic movements in countries with ultra-conservative, inherently undemocratic Sharia Law.

President Obama allowed the Reform Party of Iran enough room to breath by pulling most troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. This strategy resulted in the victory of the Reform Party of Iran and the ouster of one of the world’s most dangerous despots, known for chanting “death to Israel” while secretly maintaining a nuclear program: Ahmedinijad. Without firing a single shot, Obama ridded the West of one of its biggest problems. Not only did Obama’s strategy rid the world of one of its unstable despots, but for the first time since the Iranian Revolution, we have a government in place where hatred of the “Great Satan” (The US) doesn’t seem to be a requisite in serving in the government.

Yet the president did not yield from aggressively pursuing terrorists in The Middle East. Instead of wielding a sledgehammer and deploying divisions of troops on the ground and destroying cities and their infrastructures, President Obama wielded a scalpel by using targeted drone attacks (I know folks protest the morality of drone attacks, and this is an important debate) and by deploying the best trained, most disciplined, and most courageous special forces units in the world, we have successively killed the new leader of ISIS every time someone was chosen for the job. After the series of successful raids by “an elite team of American Commandos” not one of the incipient leaders wanted to take the leadership position.

His Middle Eastern Foreign Policy was the the work of a brilliant statesman. Calling it weak, was a Republican talking point that unfortunately caught on with some folks, particularly Trump supporters.

The trouble is that most Americans are too inundated with work, domestic issues, their families, or maybe even “weapons of mass distraction” to study Middle Eastern foreign policy (Even after studying it and keeping up with it for four years, I still have questions, and I definitely don’t have all the answers). So a simple sound bite, “Obama is weak on foreign policy”, although a mindless sound bite and the antithesis of the truth, was affective. And as rhetorically gifted as President Obama is, he and his surrogates were not gifted enough to explain Middle Eastern Foreign Policy in 30 second sound bites.

If jihadists are keeping Russia’s client state Syria, and, therefore, the Russian military busy why bother putting boots on the ground? And why play brinksmanship by firing Tomahawks into a Syria that contains Russian military hardware and military personnel. I may sound harsh and illiberal. I know innocent folks are getting killed, but there isn’t any good outcome for the United States. Putting US Troops in Syria would create regional unrest, propaganda for terrorist organizations, and would accomplish nothing.

Just as Saudi Arabia is our client state–and thus allowed to perpetrate some of the worst human rights’ abuses in the world–Syria is Russia’s client state–and thus, since Putin’s Russia views Western ideas of natural law and human rights as a threat to the power of the state, Syria commits even worse human rights’ abuses, such as the use of sarin gas on a civilian neighborhood. Syria most assuredly made it difficult for President Obama to sleep peacefully. It had already cost Trump some sleeplessness back in April of this year.

However, U.S. Intelligence claims no evidence exists that supports Trump’s claim that a sarin gas strike by Assad back in April of this year ever took place. The Russians even supplied the United States with the intelligence that in Khan Sheikhoum high level jihadists were planning a meet. The meeting would take place on the first floor of the building, but in the basement, Jihadi rebels had stockpiled propane, insecticides, fertilizers, chlorine, etc., forcing the local population to deal with the jihadi rebel economy.

The Russians and Assad are close to winning this war, and both are rational actors. Why use sarin gas when you just got the newly elected President Trump to agree to allow Assad to stay in power? American Intelligence said no sarin had been used–that it was the chemicals stockpiled in the basement that caused chemical poisoning. Furthermore, this was a Russian made guided missile.

Trump–despite all of his advisors advice–needed to bomb something because he alone thought there was a sarin gas strike. So his advisors told Russia and Russia told Syria about the upcoming strike. I think of the belly laughs emanating from a Russian diplomat explaining to his Syrian colleague that a bombing was being staged solely to soothe the ego of America’s megalomaniac. Syria removed its most important aircraft out of harms way. The only punishment doled out was to the American taxpayer. Assad and Putin laughed at us that night.

At least President Obama realized that sometimes the greatest move in “the three dimensional chess” that is international relations, is to not make a move until you see all the pieces on the board–until you have all of the necessary intelligence (rather than ignore the necessary intelligence). President Obama may not have had a straightforward move in Syria, but he at least did not give up. He kept our Russian adversaries busy in a Middle Eastern quagmire of their own by arming the folks he thought to be the least of the evils and of course the least threatening towards the United States. Russia undoubtedly felt the effects of the American rebels. The Russian military interceded and bombed the positions of American rebels.

It is almost comical for Trump to have audacity to call Obama weak on foreign policy. Trump has destroyed American credibility with his treatment of allies and his embracing of Putin. Let’s not forget that Obama sent weapons to the Ukrainians to fight Putin’s Russia–the country that took it upon itself to annex Crimea because the soft power that Obama wielded (more on that later) brought Ukraine over to our side.

To prevent Russia from violating the sovereignty of yet another country, he put American military hardware and American troops on Polish frontier bordering Russia, knowing that Russia would not dare to attack US troops, thus protecting the territorial integrity of Poland. Similar DMZ’s with American advisors were set up in other friendly Baltic states. With Obama at the helm, the world was on our side, once again viewing the United States as the benevolent superpower.

Then Trump with the help of Putin succeeded to the presidency. He insults our Western Allies and questions the legitimacy of NATO–the alliance with our Western allies that helped us win the Cold War. Trump alienates our NATO allies at a time when NATO’s importance is as great as it was during the height of the Cold War.

Perhaps just as distasteful is how Trump praises Putin. He truly emulates the man who single-handedly dismantled liberal democracy in Russia. Putin is one of the biggest villains we have seen since Nazi Germany.

Yet Trump wants to get along with Russia? A country that has troops in one of our ally’s sovereign territories; a country that suppresses free speech; arrests and even kills opposition leaders; a country that has no other foreign policy goal than the furthering of its own interest. Trump must be psychologically projecting when he calls Obama weak; not in the course of history have we had a president so weak. It is beyond weak: it is cowardice; it is treachery; it is ignorance.

And our friends have already had enough. The United States was isolated at the G20 Summit. We were the only country not to sign the environmental accord–it is not often that one country comes out of the G20 as the only country not to be a signatory of an agreement. These events are pre-planned by an advance of diplomats to prevent such an embarrassment. The leaders of our Western Allies did not even want to be seen with him or have their pictures taken with him.

Just like that, Trump turned Obama’s “three dimensional chess” of international relations into bowling, knocking down ally after ally. Now we find ourselves alone in the world and friendless. A friendless country, now hated by the allies that have helped us shape the world order for over 72 years, a country made weak by the lie who still o

The only foreign policy strategy that I’ve seen out of The White House is talk loudly and carry a small stick. Unless you are really ready to turn North Korea into “fire and fury” don’t say it. Trump has served to display every negative stereotype used by our enemies around the world to Bd ree c3 brainwash their citizens. He essentially gave Kim a huge win just by uttering such an idiotic phrase. The greatest president, in my opinion, was a Republican: Theodore Roosevelt. He changed the importance of the presidency and was able to achieve a far greater role for the executive branch. His words were “talk softly and carry a big stick.” TR’s stay at what he dubbed The White House, were the years America became a great power. The construction of the Panama Canal and the manufacturing an American Navy that could rival any Old Europe’s navies. Although economically progressive, he believed in a strong military. His sage advice in foreign policy, “talk softly and carry a big stick,” was adhered to by President Obama. His foreign policy prowess is something that will be reflected in American History when one studies his legacy.

It is, therefore, unfortunate that Putin is getting exactly what he wanted with Trump. After Congress–no doubt protecting its own hindquarters with November fast-approaching–passed sanctions against Russia for interfering in our election, Trump refused to sign it for a week. Trump put some serious thought about whether to be loyal to his Party or Putin. But Putin, a brilliant man, of course had his puppet sign his own Party’s legislation, especially with enough votes to override the veto. Trump was not happy about having to sign it, and he said so publicly. He essentially admitted signing the bill so that the Trump White House would not be rendered toothless. At least he’s honest about why he screwed the Russians.

But Putin already got what he wanted: A weakened West, a weakened United States that is globally hated, an incompetent White House with an undignified, offensive, obtuse president who is presiding over the loss of the superpower status of the United States, and a cabinet and staff laden with people who have worked for Putin’s interests, including a Secretary of State who considers Putin a friend.

Can the Executive Branch of The United States escape from Putin’s clutches? Will ever regain superpower status? Unless we elect a truly competent president, well-respected by the world, in four years–a person who can rebuild our relationship with Europe, reimplement Obama’s foreign policy, and explain that Trump won because of Russian interference and an antiquated electoral college system without coming across as the dreaded “apologist”–then American hegemony may be forever lost.

Our own allies publicly speak of moving on without the United States. Some Trump supporters may not care or may even celebrate our cutting ties with Europe and the rest of the world, but that is because they are philistines with no concept of international relations and the globalized economy.

The United States does not just help protect Europe because of our benignant behavior. In a globalized world of interconnected economies and limited resources, our Western Allies are just as necessary to us as we are to them. They help protect our shipping, they help us counteract Russia’s attempts to gain more-and-more natural resources (and it is important to note here that Russia uses its natural resources like oil as a form of international extortion), our Western Allies are on the front lines with Russia. helping us protect any further violations of the sovereignty of neighboring states by Russia; Europe, particularly Germany is the home of important American military bases that allow us to respond to situations rapidly; our European allies share intelligence with us; they are our allies in fighting Muslim extremism.

Furthermore, the United States has soft power (or we did have soft power until Trump single handedly destroyed it). Soft power is our ability to affect another international actor’s behavior based on the appeal of our values, based on the popular support of The United States within the country whose behavior we seek to affect, and based on whether-or-not a country views our goals as benign.

Soft power is a major asset for the United States. Ukraine’s decision to vote for a pro-Western/pro-American government was soft power at work. However, when we act against our principles soft power no longer works effectively. By praising Putin and picking Paul Manafort (yet another Trump associate connected with Putin–the rest we know of are pictured below) for a campaign manager. Manafort worked for the Russian government by expanding Russian influence in Ukraine–a US ally.

Putin has managed to interfere with our sacred democratic voting process. Putin purposely damaged a candidate who would have continued Obama’s policy as defining Russia as an adversary. He helped a man win the presidency whose obtuseness, especially with foreign policy, gives Putin what he needs to continue to behave nefariously.

Even as a candidate, Trump questioned the necessity of NATO. And since it damages our leverage and soft power, it can be assumed that with America’s low approval ratings around the world, including amongst our strongest Western European allies that Putin is planning on posing half-nude somewhere in the Russian wild.

Western-Russo relations have not been this tense since Reagan first got elected. Putin with his sociopathic brilliance sewed dissension between Western Europe and The United States–a successful divide and conquer strategy. He has plenty of Russian associates in the White House, and an American Secretary of State who met with Putin several times since 1999, made several lucrative deals with him, and was awarded the Russia Order of Friendship by Putin personally.

We may have gotten a brief break from the Cold War in the 90’s, but Reagan’s famous “Tear Down This Wall” moment, and the victory he and Pope John Paul II are credited with, was definitely not the finale to the Cold War.

Welcome to Cold War 2.0, and America we are losing. Putin an ex-KGB official and Russian Dictator used one of America’s greatest strengths as a weakness: the sacred democratic process of electing our own president. When a country interferes in our democracy to ensure the weaker candidate, Trump, who, if involved with Russia himself, has chosen many people for his inner-circle who once promoted Putin’s interest. This was nothing short of a successful coup–a coup that just might have caused the most powerful country on earth since the 40’s to lose its hegemonic status. But Putin has his weaknesses too.

The United States should continue arming Syrian rebels and draw Russia to the point where they are sending ground forces. Russia wants Syria as a client state, then let them Russia be the great evil in the eyes of ISIS and jihadists. As that happens there needs to be a build up of weapons and paramilitary forces in the Crimea. Finally, the Caucuses will disintegrate again into a conflagration. During this time period, we move one fleet into the narrow Bosporus Strait of the Black Sea. At the same time, we renew our ties with our European Allies, by electing someone personable, who believes in international liberal institutions, who treats world leaders with respect. With our Western Allies, we covertly fund the Russian opposition, and use the NSA to the best of our ability. A liberal democratic movement exists in Russia, but they are afraid of the power of the state. Weaken Putin a little through sanctions, proxy wars, and a reunited NATO, these weaknesses might make him look vulnerable at home.

Are You American

America is isolated from its allies. We are embroiled in scandals that could very well prove this president the 21st century Benedict Arnold. He has ruined the dignity of the office with his immature tweets and cyber bullying. His maturity level is that of a teen. His actions are ensuring that the hardliners will continue to gain support in Iran; unlike Obama he won't stay out of the Saudi/Iran Sunni/Shia feud. He doesn't have the courage to stand up to Putin and Netanyahu–the biggest bullies in the international community who refuse to respect the sovereignty of their neighbors.

And when Israel builds settlements on Palestinian land, who do Muslims blame: The United States. That is the major reason why Wababi Muslims attempt to attack us. Netanyahu is aggressively encroaching on Palestinian sovereignty which is a danger to Israel, and to The a United States. And there's only been one President who had the brains and the balls to allow the UN to censure Israel for ignoring international law, and that's President Obama. And I get a kick out of the folks who call him anti-Semitic for allowing the censure to go through; you realize that these settlements put both the US and Israel in danger. Even a growing number of Israelis say enough-is-enough with the settlements.

Putin has violated the sovereignty of two neighboring states in recent years. Who do you think was arming the Ukrainians who were fighting the Russians?–Obama. Who promulgated sanctions against Russia?–Obama. And now who wants to be buddy buddy with the Putin and is trying to stop the new sanctions from going through?–Trump. Who has 7 associates that met with Russian men and women tied to the government during the campaign?–Trump. Come on people! Wake up! His own son met with someone with ties to the Russian government.

And I hear this argument from Trump supporters: it's good to get along with Russia. You guys sound like a reincarnation of Chamberlain. Why would we abandon our Western Allies for an adversarial country who interfered in our election; who has attacked Ukraine; who is a dictator who suppresses free press; violently stamps out any political opposition; acts solely on the self-interest and the interest of the oligarchy; who is committing cyber war against us? Are you people American? Do you believe in our sacred Democratic principles and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights written by Eleanor Roosevelt?

When President Obama was in office for 8 years, America became a world leader again. 69% of folks saw the US in a positive light. Now we're sinking down to 49%. If you think that doesn't matter, then you know nothing about international relations. Soft Power–the ability to influence nations based on trust and on the appeal of your principles–plays a very important and powerful role in international relations.

Ironically, the people that voted for Trump are some of the same people that called Obama a Muslim Terrorist despite the fact that he destroyed al Qaeda, gave the order to kill bin Laden, and forced ISIS out of Iraq.

Now we have a president who is protecting America's adversary. Who had several people meet with Russian officials during the election and conveniently forgot about it, including his own son. Yet I don't hear any outrage from Trump
supporters. You allowed an arrogant, wealthy, sorry excuse for a human being whose goal is to take away the benefits and programs of two of our greatest presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and FDR. He's cutting your benefits to give tax cuts to the wealthy, he's gutting the federal government, including TR's National Park Service, he's gutting education to ensure that more working class people are stupid enough to vote against their own interests by using racism to pit working class people against each other, and he's trying to do away with Obamacare–a bill that has saved countless lives.

So I ask you this? Are you for American values? Or are you with Trump and Russia? Pick a side. I choose The United States of America!

Capitalism: The Parasite That Feeds off The Middle Class

Is it merely a coincidence that the middle class has been going extinct since the 1980’s?–since the birth of Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism? The only thing that has trickled down to the middle class and the folks who, since the dawn of Republican trickle down diarrhea and Democratic neoliberalism bullshit, are the crumbs left by the aristocrats–the wealthiest 2% of Americans. The only employment available for people who want to work are jobs in the retail sector that pay slave wages. 

 Slave wages without benefits in a corporate atmosphere do not motivate people to end their dependence on the government in the form of welfare and food stamps. Milton Friedman–the founding father of modern conservative economic theory—and Reagan’s promulgation of his philosophy in the form of “trickle down” economics are the reasons that The United States has a barely extant middle class and an almost extinct working class.

Reagan brilliantly used coded language to divide and conquer the middle class. “Welfare Queen” was the most famous of his coded racist rhetoric.  Reagan’s victory was the genesis of a conservative strategy that has benefited the Republican Party for over 30 years now: the divide and conquer strategy.  His racist, coded language divided working class Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites all of whom would benefit from a progressive economic agenda.  Reagan succeeded where his mentor Goldwater failed. Reagan was a proficient public speaker who mastered the idea of coded racial rhetoric.

Reagan, instead of ensuring that the middle class, which since WWII has served as the backbone of the American feduciary primacy, which is one of major the reasons why the United States has been a superpower since the end of WWII; and one of major reasons we became the world’s sole superpower by defeating another superpower, The USSR. And why was the Soviet Union defeated? They were defeated because their people had no hope–they did not have the opportunity to achieve financial independence. 

Reagan  cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Programs that benefited the poor and the mentally ill were discarded. This policy purportedly made wealthy people even more wealthy. And that money–money that provided schizophrenics and other mentally sick Americans with shelter and food–just simply did not trickle down.  Programs that benefited American society’s “least of these”–the folks that Jesus told us to protect–were shut down.  The mentally ill becamce homeless.  

Perhaps Reagan knew that trickle down economics would fail. However, He needed an excuse for taking from the poor to give to the rich. So he contrived the notion that the money he took from the poor would somehow trickle back down to them.  How people fell for this voodoo economics 
Reagan then went after the airline employees union. He fired all airlines employees because of their demand for a living wage. It is quite obvious that Reagan was not a good Chistian and not a good American. As Christians and as Americans, we take care of the “least of these” as Jesus asked of us.

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.  – Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR, who some consider the greatest commander-and-chief in our nation’s history helped create a thriving middle class by giving folks hope, opportunity through the GI Bill), and work.  FDR was a true progressive, and the genesis of our superpower status and the creation of the thriving middle class is directly correlated with his progressive policies. History has proven several times that the Keynesian economic theory–the progressive approach to the economy–is not only the correct approach to economic policy–it is the most ethical approach to economic policy. 

Despite Democrats regaining control of the executive branch of government in 1992 with President Clinton’s victory, the middle class still declined significantly.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were members of the Democratic Leadership Council.  The DLC’s mission was to move the party to the right on economic and social policies. President Clinton cannot be considered a true progressive. His policies, like his Republican predecessors, damaged the middle class. NAFTA did nothing to protect the American worker. We lost a ton of good union jobs that allowed folks to earn a living wage. NAFTA vitiated the American worker, and it signicantly damaged our manufacturing base; instead, we were left with retail jobs that pay slave wages with no benefits. 

Hope amongst the working and middle classes began to fade. To this day, hopelessness is rampant amongst the working and middle classes. For many folks the American Dream seems more-and-more elusive. Hopelessness leads to anxiety, depression, and addiction. It is not a coincidence that the United States consumes more drugs than any other country on earth. We consume more psychopharmacological medication than any where else on earth. What does that tell you about our society and the conservative, neoliberal, trickle down approach to the economy?–it pauperizes the American people, causes bankruptcy, mass foreclosures, and recessions. And the folks that were responsible for the 2007-2008 recession lived comfortably in the Hamptons, while working people’s homes were foreclosed upon.  It is a morally bankrupted system; and all the quantifiable facts demonstrate that Americans are a generally unhappy people.

When President Obama won the Presidency, folks had high hopes. A true progressive, whose message of unity and hope (a truly Chistian message, which resonated with me as someone educated by the Jesuits) resonated with large portions of the electorate, including Reagan Democrats, which led to his victory over the DLC, neo-liberalism, and the Clinton machine. 

And those folks who had high hopes for the first truly progressive president we have had since Kennedy/Johnson were blessed to receive what they had hoped for and what President Obama promised. He saved worldwide capitalism by bringing both parties together to pass a stimulus package that actually required the big Wall Street banks start loaning again (something Bush did not do, which is why Bush’s stimulus did not work). He inherited one of the biggest messes in United States History besides FDR and Lincoln (FDR, Lincoln, and Obama–were three of our most progressive presidents and all three literally saved our Republic).

He passed a health care bill and succeeded in signing it into law after it was approved by Congress.  He and progressives wanted a more efficient healthcare law, but Obama lost his supermajority in the Senate after, ironically, Massachusetts (the state where he was launched from “a Windy City pol with a funny name” to the moral leader of the Democratic Party–the state that donated the most money to his campaign) elected Scott Brown, which ruined any chance of creating a bill that would force private insurance to compete with the government (or even better: a single payer system). Brown lost his seat two years later when the liberal lioness, Senator Elizabeth Warren, destroyed him at the polls on election night. But at that point, we already had the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) signed into law. The Affordable Care Act has saved lives and made folk more physically and financially healthy. 

President Obama dealt with a divided government most of his time in office. So although the working class folks gained a little bit of hope with the economic growth and the record setting 83 straight months of job growth, the country’s principal problem still exists, and once again the working and middle classes are at risk.

Obama tried to reign in Corporate America by creating common sense regulations and by creating a new office: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau headed by the liberal lioness, the now Senator Elizabeth Warren (D MA).

Obama and Warren went toe-to-toe with the most powerful institutions in the country: corporations. But there is only so much that can be done about our laisses faire economic system. Conservatives have mastered the use of language and words. They have been able to deceive most Americans into believing that unregulated free market capitalism is synonymous with democracy–synonymous with America. However, it is an egregious, Machiavellian myth. The Great Recession could have been prevented. Greedy CEO’s gave out loans that they knew were unaffordable, and then, knowing that these families would have to foreclose, took out insurance on the loans and gained massive amounts of wealth off these foreclosures. And who suffered the most from corporate greed? The working and middle classes. We lost our jobs while avaricious corporate whores parsimoniously and perniciously raked in millions off the suffering of Americans that lost their homes, their jobs, and their hope. 

Conservatives are hypocritical when the call us a Christian country and at the same time espouse unregulated, free market capitalism. Unregulated capitalism and Christianity are antonymic. For corporations to make money off giving out bad loans to people–for corporations to make money by making people homeless–is pure unadulterated evil. It is un-American; it is sinful and antipodal to Jesus’ message.

Conservatives and corporations worship the golden calf of capitalism, and through their unlimited resources and because folks are constantly subjected to their propaganda, i.e, commercials, many Americans believe that capitalism is what the Founding Fathers envisaged.

The Founders believed in free markets, but they believed that a free market system requires oversight and regulation. The Founding Fathers saw capitalism as a system meant to serve and benefit Americans; we were not meant to serve and worship capitalism. And if the Founders lived through the industrial revoltion, I’m sure that they would demand even more oversight over the economy

Socialism and capitalism are not antonymic. Capitalism will only survive if we have socialist policies in place that bless us with our rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, so eloquently written by Thomas Jefferson. American capitalism has deprived the lower classes of these rights so clearly enumerated in the Constitution. 

Until President Obama, most folks living in poverty, folks with “pre-existing” medical conditions, children, and recent college graduates, did not have health coverage. There are working class folks who have lost everything because their recently born child–their innocent child–was diagnosed with leukemia. They have taken out second mortgages, sold everything they own, including their homes.  Obama’s Affordable Care Act ensured that these young children would receive life saving treatement without their families losing everything they have.  In the wealthiest country on earth, the parents of children born with leukemia should not have to worry about losing all their lives’ savings; they should not have to worry about losing their homes.  Obamacare ensured that this tragedy caused by immoral economic beliefs would never happen again. Call it socialism, call is whatever you want. We progressives call it the right thing to do, and we refuse to allow the fear of a word, such as socialism, to stop us from doing the right thing.

The past 30 years of trickle down economics and Clinton neoliberalism have proven the ineffectiveness of these economic policies that have ensured that America’s wealth consistently flows to the top 2%. The only way we can save the middle class is by following the Keynesian economic policies pursued by FDR and Obama. Their administrations promulgated policies that might be called socialist by the fearmongers who benefit from the status quo, or by working class people who have fallen for the whole racial wedge issue; but these policies created and then strengthened the American middle class. The American middle class is the backbone of this country–the reason why we are the sole superpower of the world.  Promulgating economic policies that weaken and shrink the middle class weakens America in general. The only way to preserve America’s sole superpower status is by enacting Keynesian economic policies–is by electing progressive presidents like FDR and Obama who have fought against the aristocracy to promulgate legislation that benefit and strengthen the American middle class.