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Marty Walsh is One of Us

The Mayor-Elect of Boston, Marty Walsh, has proven himself an effective advocate of working-class people.  The coalition that carried him to victory is a direct-result of his roots as a champion of Boston’s inner-city neighborhoods. 

Mayor-Elect Walsh is indeed a trasnformative figure.  Walsh was able to build a voting coaltion in Boston that symbolizes that racial politics is in its death throws.  His election was a carthartic event for the city of Boston. Working-class people of color and working-class whites came together to elect one of their own.  No longer are we divided by spurious racial differences; instead, we are united by the need to save our city from becoming a playground for the rich, and a target city for corrupt corporations. 

Working-class men and women–whites and people of color–are being priced out of the city that they love–the city that depends on their hard work to function properly on a daily basis. Our fervent hope is that Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh will employ his strong executive power to keep working-class families in Boston.

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