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Our Common Values: Unity, Hope, Love, and Empathy


(A Facebook conversation with a person whose name I will protect–she took umbrage with my support for civil right of Haitians in The Dominican. There will be a demonstration in front of the Dominican embassy on the 18th from 1PM to 3PM)

Jean, do you believe in freedom for all people? After President Abraham Linclon, by far the best President in union history ( maybe besides Teddy Roosevelt–by the way Both are Republicans, but progressive) gave the Gettysbug Address, this country was reminded of the importance of the Declaration of Independence–perhaps more important than the Constitution itself. Why is that? Well, the Constitution, was antonymic to the values set forth in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution strayed away from The Enlightenment ideals. Children should learn word-for-word The Declaration of independence’s Preamble–the most poignant words ever written about our founding principles and the ideas that bore our nation’s genesis–adults should learn this too. They were the most important words ever written: We Hold these truths to be evident that ALL MEN are created equal. The they are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable right, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

After reading biographies of Thomas Jefferson, it is easy to realize that he literally meant “All men.” Not white men–not Anglo-Saxon men.

You see TJ ( Thomas Jefferson) was a humanist and a deist, and a follower of the moral code of Jesus. By this, I don’t mean he was actively engaged in religious dogma that has destroyed the primitive version of Christianity. James Carroll refers to the spilt in Christianity as “Prophetic Christianity” and “Constatitian Christianity.” What is Prophetic Chritianity? It’s the following of the real message of Jesus: love, compassion, and empathy–ironically these are the principals that connect all progressives together. Like TJ, I’m a deist, a humanist. I believe that every man deserves freedom. And it is stunning, Jean, that people like yourself, have a problem with this. I mean you are conservative, but aren’t some values are shared by all Americans. People Wrap themselves in the American flag, but have no grasp of the Enlightenment period, the philosophy of which influenced our national philosophy. Try to get a coherent definition of freedom from these philistines–and good luck.

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