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Will The Real Progressives Please Stand Up

I recently read an article by Yvonne Abraham entitled “Wu Stumbles Out of The Starting Bloc.” First of all, Many people of District 2, including myself, are displeased with the author referring to Councilor Linehan’s supporters as “cheap seats.” Their was a definite lack of civility in the author’s tone. I was taken aback by the acerbic tone in the article. It emanated a latent hatred.

It seems the author automatically takes umbrage with an Irish-American candidate from South Boston because he is, well, an Irish-American candidate from South Boston.

The author represents a dangerous faction of people who falsely claim to be progressive. They perversely re-define diversity. Their diversity calls for supporting or not supporting a candidate based on the color of their skin. True progressives define diversity as the acceptance of all people. For true progressives, the color of a person’s skin is not an issue at all in deciding whether or not to support a particular candidate.

Many folks are lured into supporting a candidate because of their affected rhetoric that speaks of progressive values. But we “cheap seat” progressives–as Abraham referred to us–are not deceived by the sophistry of charlatans that refer to themselves as progressives. We will not vote for someone just because he or she is waving the progressive banner; we vote for the true progressive that demonstrates progressive values.

Councilor Linehan has support from the gay community, the Chinese community, and, yes, the Irish-American community. That is a truly progressive coalition. A coalition that led to Councilor Linehan winning by about 1200 votes, which does not meet many people’s standards of a close election–although the author thinks otherwise.

City Councilor Linehan has proven that he is very affective at bringing folks together whom at first may appear to have different goals and aspirations, but in fact have the same wants and needs in life. That along with his experience, demonstrates the sagaciousness of Wu’s decision to support Councilor Linehan’s bid for city council president.

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