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Don’t Think–Distract

Are commuters nowadays afraid that a single thought might breach their fortress of distractions?: the latest iPhone, tablet, MP3 player, or Subway Metro magazine?

I’m worried that if a single thought pops into the mind of the kid with the iPhone sitting next to me, his head might explode. And I’m not a big fan of commuting on the T with grey matter all over me. But I might be okay. His thumbs are so fast that he must be operating at a subconscious level. Oh boy, I hope his thumbs don’t slow down.

Just as he exits the train, I notice that the guy in the Men’s Warehouse suit is already on the sports section of his Metro Paper. What are to be the ramifications if his MBTA distraction device doesn’t have the word count to get him to his stop?

Okay, relax. Focus on the guy twisting and turning his IPad in multiple directions. I peak at his screen; he’s racing a car. Surely he won’t have to worry about his mind being taxed by a single thought on his commute.

I am not so concerned about the lady in front of me. She is gripping her Kindle so tight that it seems she thinks that if she squeezes her tablet enough, the dark-skinned Italian character in her trashy romance novel might pop out.

The rest of my fellow commuters are wearing those ubiquitous Apple ear buds. There definitely safe from having to think. Those iPads will keep them comatose. It is safe to say that their are no deep thinkers in this car. I wouldn’t want anyone to strain their brain in choosing their next distracting iTune song.

People do not sit quietly anymore and meditate. People don’t think deeply anymore. Are our thoughts so disturbing, guilt-provoking, or anxiety provoking that we need constant distraction? Physically we walk around the city distracted by our gadgets, oblivious to life around us. Although we seem like we are walking, we are running–running from
our thoughts.

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