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Clinton is not a Progressive

The notion that Hillary, a cog in the corporate machine, is the answer to the decline of the American middle-class is not only paradoxical but comical. She is indeed a soldier of the American plutocratic, corporatocracy. A well-camouflaged soldier of the plutocratic class, her social liberalism makes her palatable to the folks who do not realize that Progressivisms’ most important battle lies in economic justice. Can we achieve gender equality, racial equality, LGBT equality without any form of economic power in a political system in which legislations is written by the the lobbyists of the special interest groups (corporations) that finance “our” public officials’ campaigns?

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the DLC (The Democratic Leadership Counsel) are not Progressives. Their so-called “progressivism” is a facade. Sure, they’ll appear socially liberal, but when it comes to economic justice, they “triangulate”. The DLC, the Clintons, after taking control of the Democratic Party, ceded the fight for economic justice. They marched in lock step with their corporate sponsors, and de-regulated the banking industry and implemented welfare reform that resulted in more children living in poverty. Their progressivism was a sham, and continues to be a sham.

The Clinton years did lead to explosive economic growth, but did the working class receive any benefits whatsoever? No, in fact the “triangulated” Clinton economic policy, which included the promulgation of NAFTA, was another blow to the working class/middle class of America.

Bernie’s critique of Wall Street’s picuniary influence of our political process during the most recent debate, which did not seem like a direct attack on Clinton, led to quite a cantankerous and sharp retort from Clinton (guilty conscience, Hillary?):

 But time and time again, by innuendo, by insinuation, there is this attack that he is putting forth, which really comes down to, you know, anybody who ever took donations or speaking fees from any interest group has to be bought.

Well, Clinton’s economic policies have proven that if she is not bought, she at least shares the plutocratic ideology of her corporate funders.

The heart and soul of the Democratic Party and the country are at stake. We will continue to allow the corporate elite and their politicians–even the politicians who masquerade as progressives–continue to destroy unions and the middle class? Or we will join the revolution and put the people back in charge of our government? Feel the Bern

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