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Clinton is not a Progressive

Boston Progressives

The notion that Hillary, a cog in the corporate machine, is the answer to the decline of the American middle-class is not only paradoxical but comical. She is indeed a soldier of the American plutocratic, corporatocracy. A well-camouflaged soldier of the plutocratic class, her social liberalism makes her palatable to the folks who do not realize that Progressivisms’ most important battle lies in economic justice. Can we achieve gender equality, racial equality, LGBT equality without any form of economic power in a political system in which legislations is written by the the lobbyists of the special interest groups (corporations) that finance “our” public officials’ campaigns?

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the DLC (The Democratic Leadership Counsel) are not Progressives. Their so-called “progressivism” is a facade. Sure, they’ll appear socially liberal, but when it comes to economic justice, they “triangulate”. The DLC, the Clintons, after taking control of the Democratic Party…

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