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Econonic Injustice, African-Americans, and Bernie Sanders

We are never going to forge ahead in this country if we do not realize that we are all part of the story. There is no “my story.” There is no “our story.” It is “the story.”

And the story is that corporate plutocrats have created economic injustices in this country. The only candidate that is willing to stand up for all of us is Bernie Sanders. How can working class people–both black and white–expect a person who is a part of the plutocratic elite to fight for us against these economic injustices? 

I think many African-Americans are still unsure about Bernie Sanders because he sees it as “the story” and not the African-American story. However, he has plainly made it known that he believes that African-Americans are suffering disproportionally at the hands of the plutocratic elite. 

We have a rare opportunity here for poor blacks, whites, and Hispanics to come together and actually do something about economic injustice. This revolution will not take place without one of the most important demographics of the winning Democratic Coalition: African-Americans.  Bernie Sanders believes (and I can see how this can be taken the wrong way by some) that all of our stories are important, but to be a true progressive, to be a compassionate human being,, we cannot see this as my story; we cannot see this as your story; to win, to get ahead, we have to see this as the human story! 

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