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Which candidate will be the Lord of The Flies?

We have a Lord of The Flies situation in our presidential politics. We have “Jack” in Donald Trump. Jack is the character that declares himself chief by being the most loud and obnoxious. Then you have “Ralph”–the rationalist, the utilitarian–who is chosen as the leader of the marooned boys because of his leadership abilities and his intelligence. I see Bernie as the most Ralph-like character. Then you have the Twins, Eric and Sam. The Twins become the prisoners of Jack and his ululating tribe of savages. They are tied up with rope and are impaired from emiliorating the deteriorating situation. They remind me of  the Hillary Clinton folks, so tangled up with corporate interests that it makes is impossible for them to do battle with the institution at the root of the problem: Corporate America. 

In Lord of the Flies, the whole island is burnt down–society fails. We have the opportunity to conduct a non-violent, political revolution by electing a candidate with no ties to the corporate elite–a way of changing things before the island is consumed by the conflagration that surely is to come if we do not do something about economic injustice right now. 

If Hillary wins the nomination, she’ll have a tough road ahead of her and a lot to answer for: Benghazi, personal email use as Secretary of State. Republicans will have a field day if she is nominated. She is what they expect, and they are ready to destroy her and any hope for the Democrats to win back the White House. Let’s give them something completely unexpected. Let’s see them try to do battle with the political revolution that is the Bernie Sanders Campaign.

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