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MCconnel’s obstructionsim

The obstructionists are at it again. From day one, Republican majority “leader” (I use that in quotes because all that he’s lead is a consistent, childish movement in his party to make Obama fail–to make him a one term president). It’s shameful that the Senate Majority Leader (Holder of one the highest federal offices) has reduced our national dialogue to a petulant, vindictive, and an undemocratic plan to simply refuse to compromise and maintain a sense of civility. Never has a president, since Abraham Lincoln, been faced with such withering, brutish attacks from the right. Yet what makes him a great man, is the fact that these attacks do not slow him down; they do not stop him from doing the next right thing; they are unable to engage him at that childish level.

It is obvious with all the talking heads on the press circuit this weekend, that Mitch McConnel will continue to behave as a petulant child. He will do everything possible to deny the majority of the voters their right to have the president that they voted for to use his Constitutiional right to appoint a new Supreme Court justic. Yet these hypocrites have the audacity to say that President Obama has no respect for the Consitition–a man that has dedicated his life to Constiutional Law. A complete absurdity and evil hypocracy. Take a look at all the judges that have been blocked from their appointments due to Republican filibustering and refusal to compromise. That is what most would call sever abuse of the Constitution and the democratic principles we subscribe to as Americans. We will not let the McConnel pack dictate who the next SJC will be.

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  1. Right on the Money. I think McConnell is way too Old to be in the “Leadership” Position he’s in!

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