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Dirty Dems

The more research I do on the subject, the more I realize that Clinton’s ruthlessness and her psychosis-like need to be president were her undoing. The emails sent back-and-forth from her top advisors going all the way back to 2007, demonstrate Hillary’s unquenchable thirst for power; her psychosis-like need– not desire–to be president. It was her campaign that first contemplated a racial attack on the president; it was her campaign that started the birther movement; it was her campaign that created the hateful fiction that lead to paranoia among working class whites that President Obama was not an American and possibly a Muslim (God forbid).

Not learning anything from 2007, her strategy among her top advisors was to continue this ruthlessness, especially when Senator Sanders ideas began to catch on. So instead of debating Senator Obama and Senator Sanders on the issues, she chose to adopt their rhetoric and to character assassinate. I don’t know if these ideas came from the very top; I don’t know if Hillary Clinton hatched these egregious campaign strategies. But I do know this: she must have given the okay. She ran her campaigns.

So when President Obama is called a socialist and a Muslim–when Senator Sanders is called a self-hating Jew–don’t blame the conservative movement. Blame the Clinton machine for opening the doors to this despicable style of campaigning. She opened the door for Trump. She created the hatred and disrespect that our president has faced. And her ruthless campaigning, her attempt to cover it up, and her inability to step off the national stage for the good of the country has lead to the ugly partisanship that whipped up the racist frenzy that lead to the election of President-Elect Trump.

Hillary Clinton created Donald Trump. She created his narrative for him; she created the white working class backlash that ultimately destroyed her; karma is a… you know!

So maybe we should stop blaming conservatives and take a good hard look at our own Democratic Party and the damaged, amoral candidates we trot out there for our nominees. (Okay my liberal friends–I’m ready for the hate posts).img_0319

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