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America is isolated from its allies. We are embroiled in scandals that could very well prove this president the 21st century Benedict Arnold. He has ruined the dignity of the office with his immature tweets and cyber bullying. His maturity level is that of a teen. His actions are ensuring that the hardliners will continue to gain support in Iran; unlike Obama he won't stay out of the Saudi/Iran Sunni/Shia feud. He doesn't have the courage to stand up to Putin and Netanyahu–the biggest bullies in the international community who refuse to respect the sovereignty of their neighbors.

And when Israel builds settlements on Palestinian land, who do Muslims blame: The United States. That is the major reason why Wababi Muslims attempt to attack us. Netanyahu is aggressively encroaching on Palestinian sovereignty which is a danger to Israel, and to The a United States. And there's only been one President who had the brains and the balls to allow the UN to censure Israel for ignoring international law, and that's President Obama. And I get a kick out of the folks who call him anti-Semitic for allowing the censure to go through; you realize that these settlements put both the US and Israel in danger. Even a growing number of Israelis say enough-is-enough with the settlements.

Putin has violated the sovereignty of two neighboring states in recent years. Who do you think was arming the Ukrainians who were fighting the Russians?–Obama. Who promulgated sanctions against Russia?–Obama. And now who wants to be buddy buddy with the Putin and is trying to stop the new sanctions from going through?–Trump. Who has 7 associates that met with Russian men and women tied to the government during the campaign?–Trump. Come on people! Wake up! His own son met with someone with ties to the Russian government.

And I hear this argument from Trump supporters: it's good to get along with Russia. You guys sound like a reincarnation of Chamberlain. Why would we abandon our Western Allies for an adversarial country who interfered in our election; who has attacked Ukraine; who is a dictator who suppresses free press; violently stamps out any political opposition; acts solely on the self-interest and the interest of the oligarchy; who is committing cyber war against us? Are you people American? Do you believe in our sacred Democratic principles and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights written by Eleanor Roosevelt?

When President Obama was in office for 8 years, America became a world leader again. 69% of folks saw the US in a positive light. Now we're sinking down to 49%. If you think that doesn't matter, then you know nothing about international relations. Soft Power–the ability to influence nations based on trust and on the appeal of your principles–plays a very important and powerful role in international relations.

Ironically, the people that voted for Trump are some of the same people that called Obama a Muslim Terrorist despite the fact that he destroyed al Qaeda, gave the order to kill bin Laden, and forced ISIS out of Iraq.

Now we have a president who is protecting America's adversary. Who had several people meet with Russian officials during the election and conveniently forgot about it, including his own son. Yet I don't hear any outrage from Trump
supporters. You allowed an arrogant, wealthy, sorry excuse for a human being whose goal is to take away the benefits and programs of two of our greatest presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and FDR. He's cutting your benefits to give tax cuts to the wealthy, he's gutting the federal government, including TR's National Park Service, he's gutting education to ensure that more working class people are stupid enough to vote against their own interests by using racism to pit working class people against each other, and he's trying to do away with Obamacare–a bill that has saved countless lives.

So I ask you this? Are you for American values? Or are you with Trump and Russia? Pick a side. I choose The United States of America!

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