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Corporate Fascism

Where is the outrage? Is the revolution ever coming? Bill O’Reilly gets fired for sexual harassment, yet Trump who brags about sexually harassing women (and who demonstrated his lack of respect for women with his lewd comments) is elected president?!

Corporations have created a corporate feudal system in which their employees are nothing but wage slaves. Capitalism is meant to serve humanity; humanity isn’t meant to serve the golden calf of capitalism. Regulation of Wall Street is necessary to ensure that corporate greed does not cause great recessions. It is the working class that suffers the most from Wall Street’s bad decisions.

This is why our Founders made the government–a government of the people, by the people, and for the people–the strongest American institution. However, corporate fascists (neoliberals) like Trump and the Koch brothers systematically weaken the federal government. Under the auspices of the Koch brothers and Trump, the corporation has become the strongest American institution. Hence, we live in a corporate fascist state, not a democratic-republic.

Our Founding Fathers repeatedly said that the people have a right to rise up against the government when the government no longer serves the needs of the people, when the government becomes tyrannical. But no one seems to give a shit. Weapons of mass distraction and materialism have distracted us from our duty as citizens of a democratic-republic to have knowledge of the issues–to rise up against a dishonest despot. WAKE UP AMERICA! Our ancestors died to ensure the survival of the American Republic. Will we honor them by rising up against corporate fascism and by reimposing the American Democratic-Republic or will we be the generation that stood by apathetically and ignorantly while our republic was attacked and dismantled by corporate fascists like Trump and the Koch Brothers?

“The latent causes of faction are thus sewn in the nature of man… to persons of other descriptions, whose fortunes have been interesting to the human passions, have, in turn, divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other, than to cooperate for their common good… the regulation of these various and interfering interests, forms the the principle task of modern legislation, and involves the spirit of party and faction in the necessary and ordinary operations of government”

– James Madison, The Federalist (New York: 1818) Barnes and Noble pp. 53-54

Trump’s Great Motivator: Spite

Our country is being run by a guy who has one goal: destroy President Obama’s Legacy. He hasn’t gotten his way with Republicans on The Hill. They either have the political aptitude to realize that they will not win in 2018 if they repeal Obamacare without a plan to replace, or they are decent human beings who realize that the ramifications of allowing millions to lose their health insurance is unhealthy and immoral.

Trumps myopic spite does not allow him either the political aptitude or the moral decency to rise above jealousy and spite–it vitiates his ability to make sound decisions as this country’s president.

Trump doesn’t view the world through the same eyes that we do. Everything has been handed to him. He never worried about health insurance. And as a diagnosed malignant narcissist, he has the inability to empathize with those who have to struggle financially to maintain health insurance.

Therefore, he had no problem getting rid of key subsidies that will affect the health care of millions.

He is full of childish spite, especially towards his predecessor, and this spite is currently his great motivator. From domestic issues to foreign affairs, he is seeking to dismantle President Obama’s Legacy.

He plans on tearing up the hard won Iran Nuclear Accord. What other logical reason is there for this act than pure spite towards Obama? He has offered no proof that Iran is cheating. He hasn’t even called for UN inspectors to investigate possible weapons-grade uranium enrichment activity.

As the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is one of the single greatest challenges of modern international relations, one would assume that Trump has done his due diligence in deciding to nix the Treaty. But all that matters to him is that the predecessor whom he dislikes passed it into law–that’s enough to undo the hard work of our nation’s diplomats.

To have a person in the White House immature enough to govern the country with spite as his motivating factor is beyond frightening. Trump has negatively affected the health of our democratic-republic. And his presence in the Oval Office has brought the world to brinksmanship. He is a sick man.