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Trump’s Great Motivator: Spite

Our country is being run by a man who has one goal: destroy President Obama’s Legacy. He hasn’t gotten his way with Republicans on The Hill. They either have the political aptitude to realize that they will not win in 2018 if they repeal Obamacare without a plan to replace, or they are decent human beings who realize that the ramifications of allowing millions to lose their health insurance is unhealthy and immoral.

Trumps myopic spite demonstrates his lack of the moral decency required to rise above jealousy and spite–it vitiates his ability to make sound decisions as this country’s president.

He is full of childish spite, especially towards his predecessor, and this spite is currently his great motivator. From domestic issues to foreign affairs, he is seeking to dismantle President Obama’s Legacy.

Trump’s worldview is antonymic to the worldview of most Americans. Perhaps it is because he never had to struggle financially–his father always took care of him, and then left him millions of dollars upon his passing. Or perhaps it is his psychological illness. John’s Hopkins University doctors have diagnosed Trump as a malignant narcissist. He has the inability to empathize with those who have to struggle financially to maintain health insurance because he never had to worry about a lapse in health insurance coverage. Therefore, even though his spitefulness towards Obama will affect the healthcare of millions, including children, he has no issue with nixing key subsidies that help states provide health coverage to their most vulnerable citizens.

His spitefulness will also impact foreign affairs. He plans on tearing up the Iran Nuclear Accord–a huge diplomatic victory for the Obama Administration. What other logical reason is there for this act than pure spite towards Obama? He has not proffered any evidence that Iran is deceiving The United States. He hasn’t called for UN inspectors to investigate possible weapons-grade uranium enrichment activity. The only problem Trump has with the Accord is that it is an important part of Obama’s presidential legacy.

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is one of the single greatest challenges of modern international relations–so one would assume that Trump has done his due diligence in deciding to nix the Treaty. But all that matters to him is that it was promulgated by his predecessor –that’s enough to undo the hard work of our nation’s diplomats.

It is frightening that the current president is so immature and irresponsible that his governing style is based on spite towards his predecessor. Not only is Trump willing to affect the health of American citizens by tearing up Obamacare, but he also has negatively affected the health of our democratic-republic. And his presence in the Oval Office has brought the world to brinksmanship. He is a sick man. Perhaps he should make use of the health insurance, which he will never have to worry about losing, and see a psychologist.

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