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Our Common Values: Unity, Hope, Love, and Empathy

About SBprogressives

SB stands for South Boston or Southie–an historical section of Boston, Massachusetts. Not only is it where I was born and raised; it is also where this country had its painful birth. George Washington and Colonel Knox miraculously dragged cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights in Southie. The British were forced to flea the city that they had harshly oppressed. It is a day that South Boston still celebrates as Evacuation Day every year for the whole month of March. Boston and Massachusetts maintain the liberal tradition of the Founding Fathers. They were students and philosophers of the Enlightenment, and the most liberal men of their day. The promulgation of a federal constitution in 1789 (a Constitution that borrowed heavily from the Massachusetts Constitution written by John Adams) is based on Enlightenment Ideals and liberal/progressive beliefs. They were the most liberal men of their time. Our authors argue that we must follow our progressive traditions. We also discuss political history, current affairs, and sociological issues that are influenced by the current political milieu. We hope that you enjoy and gain something from this blog, whether it be knowledge, a new found passion for politics, or perhaps even a change in perspective. Do not hesitate to comment if you disagree with our arguments; however, civility is a necessary component to our political discourse, and name-calling and bullying will not be tolerated. I am optimistic that the folks who read our posts are civil and civically engaged. May God bless you with the once universal progressive values of Unity, Love, and Hope.

I (Paul Adams) am a political science graduate of Suffolk University and am working on getting my PhD.

James Quinn is a political science graduate of Suffolk University, and a graduate of Suffolk Law School. He currently has his own practice in Troy, NY.

Dr. Jeff Johnson Phd, is a full time professor at Suffolk University. He earned his PhD at Boston College.

James, Jeff and I have managed campaigns and are very active in the political world.

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