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Massachusetts Liberals

Social democracies are the happiest countries in the world today. The United Nations has been able to quantify it. Why are they so happy? 90% of their workers are in labor unions, and therefore they get paid a living wage. They have universal health care. And they also have universal daycare. They adhere to a capitalistic system that is genuine and real.

We worship the golden calf of capitalism, and it rewards greed and selfishness. We serve this broken system like mindless slaves. The right suppressed the formation of labor unions; they make you watch anti-Union propaganda videos; they hire people only part-time so that they don’t have to give benefits; they can fire you without cause and without any grievance system (by the way, unionize your work place; you on need 51% to agree, and it is against the law for management to fire you for it).

So what America is left with are miserable employees who, although they are working, they are still fighting to survive. Unfortunately, our school systems suck, so people don’t understand the source of their misery. They think Mexican immigrants are making their lives miserable. So American workers keep electing corporate-sponsored candidates who could care less about workers and education. So call the country that actually behaves rationally and treats its people with respect whatever you want: someone in my family just called it socialist with those undertones that suggest it has an association with communist Russia.

Massachusetts is the closest state we have to a social democracy. We have the best schools in the Union. We have the highest median income in the country. We have one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country. We have corporations like GE moving to Boston. We have a two party system, but Republicans are rational actors in this state and actually believe in science and do not try to defend Trump. Our Republican Governor, Charlie Baker, kept us in the Paris Climate Agreement. Massachusetts has the 16th strongest economy in the world

Liberalism works and liberalism is this country’s founding philosophy. The strongest states are liberal. Massachusetts truly is a commonwealth, we care about our fellow citizens. Their race, religion, or creed is a non-issue. It is embraced.

Mississippi and Alabama have proven the conservative approach is an utter failure. They have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy. Their economies depend on Massachusetts’ federal taxes. Their schools are the worst in the union.

And I’ll tell the critics of Massachusetts something: your state would not exist if it wasn’t for the fact our liberal ancestors stood up against the world’s mightiest empire in Concord and on Bunker Hill (Breeds Hill), and stood their ground until they ran out of ammunition, and did all this while the other colonies waited to see which way the wind would blow. And we still know how to fight.

Bunker Hill is the most patriotic and courageous acts in American History, and it is the genesis of what is referred to as the greatest democratic experiment in the history of the world, and liberal Massachusetts bequeathed this experiment to national posterity hoping that the rest of the country would be as protective of our democracy and its rights.

So when I hear someone say “liberal pussy” or call us America haters, I feel bad for their ignorance. American democracy experienced its painful birth in liberal Massachusetts. Massachusetts led the abolitionist movement against slavery. People from Boston would chase southern slave catchers out of the city or beat them up badly, so they wouldn’t come back.

We always maintained that willingness to fight for the liberal values that would create a more perfect union. Eventually the parasitic ideologies adapt, despite Constitutions and Bills of Rights and even wars. Trumpism, a form of fascism, has gained followers amongst people who are often unabashed racists and jingoists with dualistic minds that cannot conceive of any other reason besides Mexicans or Muslims for their misery and economic position. They are victims of conservatism, which is traditionally un-American and selfish. When an ideology is willing to keep people uneducated because it helps them maintain their power, that is evil, and an example of how conservatism functions—there politicians exude no empathy for people. However, they’ll climb Mount Washington for support from corporate America—that is who conservatives serve.

Massachusetts were the first to shed blood for this country, and as an Adams, I am sure my ancestors did shed blood. The state maintains its liberalism to this day. It is the most successful state in the union. We have proved that it works. Republicans here do not cynically barter their citizens rights for the support of corporate America (John Adams guaranteed education as a right in the Massachusetts Constitution, and the state’s Constitution influenced the Federal Constitution) Massachusetts has proven that when American liberal values are promulgated into legislation, everyone in society benefits. Massachusetts is rightfully angry that certain states have put our liberal democracy that our ancestors fought valiantly for at risk both domestically and internationally.

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