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Our Common Values: Unity, Hope, Love, and Empathy

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New American Progressives seeks to include a spiritual component—self-awareness and empathy—to the political world. For too long, we on the left have focused on copying right wing tactics, such as controlling the language of debate, raising money through corporations that are not good corporate citizens, and focusing on what the progressive movement can do for certain segments of society. We hypocritically call the right tribalistic, yet we are just as tribal: what can you do for unions? What can you do for LGBTQ? What can you do for feminists? What can you do for Black Lives Matter? These are the questions that liberals ask. I think it’s a heresy of progressive thought to forget that we are men for others and that we are meant to serve, so there should the questions I like to hear about usually included the words unity or imply it unity. And the Progressive Movement has always been at its political apex when we had a candidate that just esoterically emanated the most important virtue–the virtue that defines progressivism–and that that virtue is empathy. True progress can never be made without empathy. President Obama encapsulated that empathy and he exhumed it both in a spiritual sense and rhetorically. One could feel that he genuinely believes in unity, empathy, and hope.

So our mission is to take back progressivism from the hostage situation it is in with the ideologues and dogmatists of the world. Progressivism does not require anyone to adhere to a rigid ideological platform. Progressivism is born out of spirituality. It is an approach to politics; it is not meant to adopt a dictatorial system or any sort of hierarchy.

In many ways, we can apply the lessons of the mystics and prophets of various faiths. Genesis teaches us that the ability to reason is what makes us human and a divine reflection. However, we must be careful to recognize that reason is merely a tool. It doesn’t define you. I’m the West, we let our thoughts define us. We are more than our thoughts. We have senses, we have a soul, and we have a body. It is the theme of the most common prayer, The Sign of The Cross, The Father (mind) the Son (body) and the Holy Spirit (our soul).

We aim to remind progressive people, the empathic people of the world, that this movement has its roots in spirituality, for instance, Martin Luther King Jr and his Christian spirituality.

We also allow discuss national politics, international relations, and current affairs.

May you find the joy in every breath as God says yes to you–yes you are still alive! Remember to always try to live in the now.

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