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Fentanyl Epidemic—Who is Responsible for The Death of our Loved Ones?

What is holding The United States (world capital of overdoses and psychopharmaceutical drug use) ignorant about the disease of addiction? Why is no one asking where fentanyl–a drug responsible for the death of a generation of Americans–is actually coming from?

First off, let me explain the science behind addiction. The genetic make up of an addict is different. An addicts limbic system (our lizard brain) is where instincts like eating, staying hydrated, and sex are set off by neurons on a daily basis.

The addict’s brain is already predisposed to addiction, and then as this fatal but treatable disease becomes a part of the limbic system/lizard brain, alcohol and drugs become an instinctual need. At that point, an addict needs to be detoxed.

I wondered about the sudden flooding of fentanyl into The United States. How did this happen? What I found filled me with dread. The fear I felt after learning the truth was palpable. It put me in a state of severe anxiety, especially knowing how Trump disregards the intelligence community.

China uses fentanyl as a weapon in the shadow war that America’s greatest enemies, China and Russia, are conducting against the United States. China, the country that depends on the American consumer, is engaged in a covert war against the United States. And we all know Russia has committed casus belli (acts of war) by interfering in our most cherished right: the right to vote for our own president, rather than a Russian asset.

So the Chinese Government is responsible for killing off my family and my friends:

The RAND report also dissects China’s role as a focal point in the global supply of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that is responsible for a growing number of fatal drug overdoses in the U.S. China is unlikely to curb fentanyl exports in short-term.

RAND Corporation, EurekAlert (AAAS 2019) Accessed on 2019 July 16, retrieved from  

Those ugly hats that Trump supporters wear should read MRGA–Make Russia Great Again. China and Russia are working together to interfere in our elections, destroy Western Institutions, particularly NATO and the EU. They are accomplishing these attacks on vital Western Institutions that are necessary for the common defense and well-being of the Democratic Western World. How have they been so successful at dismantling the world order that has kept the world in relative peace for 70 years: through their asset, Donald Trump. One does not need a background in international relations to realize that Trump celebrates and befriends the world’s biggest bullies–our sworn enemies.

Meanwhile American influence in foreign affairs is waning rapidly. China and Russia are taking advantage of an incompetent pretender in the White House.

So Trump cannot assuage this fentanyl epidemic. He has never sacrificed or helped out another human being in his life. He is a hateful, racist philistine who has no balls at all. He’s a bully.

Fentanyl is actually a weapon. IT IS MEANT TO KILL YOU. Don’t be a victim of this Shadow War. Message me if you are struggling with Fentanyl or anything else or call 1-800-ALCOHOL, which is the number for AdCare Hospital. They will pick you up; the place is spotless; and they make your detox a lot less painful.

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