The Hypocracy of the Trump Supporter

The Hypocracy of the Trump Supporter

Imagine for a moment that Obama had two immigrant wives, multiple failed marriages, multiple failed businesses. Imagine Obama standing in front a sign with the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. Imagine that Obama refused to turn over his tax returns; had extensive ties to a foreign government that just so happens to be our greatest enemy: Russia and Putin; imagine if Lspent millions of tax dollars on maintaining three residences for the Secret Service to protect.

Trunpists are the biggest hypocrites–and racists I ever met in my life. Obama, by virtue of his odd name and his skin color was accused of being a terrorist—and according to Trump, the leader of ISIS. Yet Trump has a bromance going with a dictator who interfered with our sacred democratic process by hacking into the DNC. And what was Trump’s response to Russia: keep spying on us. 

Trump’s aides and even his cabinet members met with well-known Russian spies during the course of the election, then lied about it. The same voters who called Obama un-American, a terrorist, and much worse voted for a guy who supports a nefarious dictator who interfered with our election; who is interfering with the election of our Western allies; and has trampled over the sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia. Trump supporters have put the West in serious danger by voting for a guy who has seriously weakened America and Western Power. 

If Obama had immigrant wives and failed marriages, bankrupted businesses, refused to release his tax documents-. He wouldn’t have made it through the Democratic Primary in ’08. Yet Trump somehow won the primary and electoral college. Folks are hurting, and in the age of the 30 second sound bite, where free media seems to be earned through bizarre rants that scapegoat immigrants and people of color for the financial struggle of segments of the American Electorate, Trump’s message resonated. 

How would Trump supporters reacted to the man they called a terrorist, a communist, and disgusting racial epithets if he appeared on stage with a slogan that said “Make America Great Again”. 
By the way, Trump is the most nefarious hypocrite in this country after calling Obama corrupt for not releasing his “long form” birth certificate–this coming from a guy that has broke with a decades long tradition of releasing his tax documents). 
The fallacious right wing talking point that Obama has weakened America’s power in the world is such bullshit. Despite criticism from the left wing of his own party, he droned ISIS back to the Stone Age, assassinated its leaders with the heroic service of our Navy Seals, gave the order to kill bin Laden, and kicked ISIS’s ass out of Iraq. He gave the appearance that the United States was backing out of the Middle East, so that the Reform Party of Iran could achieve victory in Iraq (sending the madman Ahmedinijad packing), which led to the end of Iran’s nuclear program. But he did not back out of the Middle East: he used a scalpal rather than a sledge hammer. The scalpal–drones and special forces–has decimated ISIS. Anytime ISIS elected a new leader, Obama took him out. Leaderless and confused, they cannot even hold on to territory never mind plan an attack on the Homeland.  The sledge hammer used by Bush and his neo-cons has destroyed the Cradle of Civilization. These pictures were taken from a friend of mine from Baghdad today:

Bushes quagmire expanded Iranian influence, and has created a hatred towards the United States that will last generations.  

President Obama inherited this disaster in the Middle East, and a capitalistic system on the brink of collapse. Yet, he achieved a record of 83 straight months of job growth, expanded our economy while Europe’a shrank, and hit new records with the Stock Market. He increased America’s influence in the world with soft power (the ability to attract people and nations to one’s cause through ideological appeal. And he used hard power in a way to create the least amount of blow back; a stark difference from Trump’s indiscriminate bombings and impetuous decisions to green light missions that led to the death of an 8 year old and a Navy Seal (his sacrifice will never be forgotten).

Obama stood up to the world’s bullies, particularly Putin. Eastern Europe is the most militarized it has been since the Cold War. And now we have Trump who thinks that a sociopathic dictator help bent on weakening the West, is his buddy. 

President Obama already realizes that America is great, and he was willing to defend the West from Russian aggression. 

Trump does not respect American Values. A patriotic president does not call on our enemy to spy on us; he does not allow espionage to go unpunished; he does not reward a dictator that has attacked us and our Western Allies to the White House for a visit (and then egregiously attack the our 1st Ammendment right of freedom of the press by shutting out the American Press, while allowing the Russian press access; a guy with nothing to hide does not fire the non-partisan FBI Director for investigating possible ties to the Russian government; and he does not utter the words “Make America Great Again”–we already are great. 

President Obama realized this, and he also cherished American Values and projected American values and strength around the world; whereas Trump I nothing more than a treasonous self-serving stooge whose Administration has been a complete and utter failure.

President Obama cherishes American values, abhorrs corruption, stood up to the world’s bullies. Trump denegrates American values, is corrupt as the day is long, and befriends the dictator who is currently attacking the West. One has to be a serious hypocrite to call President Obama unpatriotic, a terrorists, or weak, while supporting the guy who tramples freedom of speech and freedom of press and befriends the dictator who is undermining our Western Values.  

It’s Cold War 2.0 and Russia’s winning

“Talk softly and carry a big stick.” My favorite president, a Republican, Theodore Roosevelt applied this strategy to international relations. President Trump has reversed the order of that strategy: talk loudly, alienate our closest allies, and whittle “Eisenhower’s stick” down to a powerless twig. 

I was talking to a couple of working class gentlemen the other day who supported Trump. I explained to these hard working guys that if Trump and the far right promulgate their agenda, particularly the Orwellian named “Right to Work” legislation, what is left of the working class will die off. Right to Work is an Orwellian term for the far right wing’s attempt to destroy organized labor forever. 

These working class gentlemen had the same arguments in support of Trump. “He’s tough,” they said. I explained that this man is far from tough. He talks loudly and doesn’t carry a stick–the opposite of what President Roosevelt advised. He is more willing to criticize Meryl Streep than Vladimir Putin. Putin: a guy who has murdered his political enemies, destroyed free press, persecutes gays, and has dreams of restoring the Russian Empire. 

Putin has trampled over the sovereignty of his neighbors in order to achieve his diabolical goals, and he will continue to do so. The only bulwark against Russian aggression is the United States and its Western allies under the NATO alliance and defense umbrella. Trump’s Russian foreign policy is weak appeasement. He wants to strip NATO of its budget and render it toothless. Any student of history realizes that appeasing a dictator like Putin–a murderer by any other name–is sheer folly. All one has to do is study the attempted appeasement of Hitler. 

It angers me and frightens me that Trump has such a cozy relationship with our greatest enemy. It frightens me that NATO–the alliance that has kept the Western World the most powerful  civilization in the world–is about to come to an end.

This is a victory for Russia and Putin, who not only interfered with our election, but are also interfering with the election of our Western allies. We are under attack! This is not hyperbole. And now we have a president who is nothing more than a puppet to Putin and the Russians. His cabinet is a reflection of his obsequiousness to Putin. 

So to the gentlemen who think Trump is tough because he talks tough, remember the words of Theodore Roosevelt: talk softly and carry a big stick.

President Obama was tough, yet he didn’t often feel the need to talk tough. But he stood up to the world’s bullies: Putin and Netanyahu. He supplied weapons to Syrian rebels who subscribed to secularism, he sent troops and weapons to the countries bordering Russia (it is the most militarized the region has been since WWII because of President Obama), his drone program put no American military personnel in danger, yet he was able to take out our country’s most dangerous enemies, and it was the left wing of the Democratic Party that criticized him for his drone program, proving that politics should stop at the water’s edge. President Obama talked softy and carried a big stick. He didn’t go around trumpeting to the world how tough he is for doing what a president must do to protect innocent Americans.

Why? First of all, it isn’t something a president should brag about, if he has any moral standards. Secondly, he did not want to make the War on Terror seem like a clash of civilizations. He understood that if we create this narrative of a clash of civilizations, then we create more terrorists and we label innocent people as enemies. And what did Trump do when he came into office? He reinforced the clash of civilizations narrative with his incompetent immigration ban, amongst other things. And because of that, our grandchildren will be fighting a War on Terror for years to come. 

We are at war with Russia, and they are winning. They’ve exploited our most sacred institution by interfering with our elections, and the result is that we have an incompetent president who thinks that our country (the country that has fought for freedom around the world, is the first to respond when another nation suffers some sort of catastrophe, the country that freed Europe from the iron grip of fascism and communism) is just as immoral and nihilistic as Putin’s Russia. And if you don’t believe me, watch the O’Reilly interview in which Trump said that we are just as morally bankrupt as Russia. It’s hard to believe that Trump is a patriot, after that blasmphemous statement. Is this the man we want leading our country while we are under attack?

We are at war: Cold War 2.0. And we are losing. Wars, especially between two nuclear powers, are not usually shooting wars. Instead our sacred institutions and our superpower status are being attacked through Russian spying and cyber attacks. These attacks are crippling the United States and our Western allies. Yet, under the new Administration, we’ve yet to hear a critique, nevermind ideas for a counterattack or sanctions.

So are we going to capitulate and accept that our president is a puppet to the Russians? Or are we going to follow in the foot steps of the men and women who died to protect our sovereignty and our right to hold elections without foreign interference ? Are we going to continue to support NATO–the alliance that has protected our superpower status since post WWII? Are we going to fight back against Russia’s act of war?

Wake up America! Trump is a puppet, an incompetent, and a malignant narcissist. The Trump Campaign engaged in message of hate and division to squeak out a win, but his pathological dishonesty leads him to believe that he didn’t really lose the popular vote . He is unprincipled and is not worthy of the office he now holds. Our first step in fighting back is to pressure our congressmen and senators to launch an independent investigation into his ties to Russia; then we vote for Republicans and Democrats in 2017 who pledge to impeach Trump for treason, incompetence, and mental instability. 

The tough guy talk is a defensive mechanism for people who really aren’t tough at all and who have low self-esteem, or in Trump’s case malgignant narcissism. It is time for every true patriot, Republican and Democrat, to step up and defend their country against Russian hostility. Our veterans did not fight WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War (the latter two wars being proxy wars against the Soviet Union/Russia) just for the the greatest superpower in the world to capitulate our sovereignty to a thug: Putin. Let’s show that we are still the land of the free and “the home of the brave”; let’s once again prove to the world that the United States is the guarenter of liberal democracy, free markets, and human rights, and that anyone who violates those rights, i.e., Vladimir Putin, is an enemy to United States–an enemy to humanity.

Dirty Dems

The more research I do on the subject, the more I realize that Clinton’s ruthlessness and her psychosis-like need to be president were her undoing. The emails sent back-and-forth from her top advisors going all the way back to 2007, demonstrate Hillary’s unquenchable thirst for power; her psychosis-like need– not desire–to be president. It was her campaign that first contemplated a racial attack on the president; it was her campaign that started the birther movement; it was her campaign that created the hateful fiction that lead to paranoia among working class whites that President Obama was not an American and possibly a Muslim (God forbid).

Not learning anything from 2007, her strategy among her top advisors was to continue this ruthlessness, especially when Senator Sanders ideas began to catch on. So instead of debating Senator Obama and Senator Sanders on the issues, she chose to adopt their rhetoric and to character assassinate. I don’t know if these ideas came from the very top; I don’t know if Hillary Clinton hatched these egregious campaign strategies. But I do know this: she must have given the okay. She ran her campaigns.

So when President Obama is called a socialist and a Muslim–when Senator Sanders is called a self-hating Jew–don’t blame the conservative movement. Blame the Clinton machine for opening the doors to this despicable style of campaigning. She opened the door for Trump. She created the hatred and disrespect that our president has faced. And her ruthless campaigning, her attempt to cover it up, and her inability to step off the national stage for the good of the country has lead to the ugly partisanship that whipped up the racist frenzy that lead to the election of President-Elect Trump.

Hillary Clinton created Donald Trump. She created his narrative for him; she created the white working class backlash that ultimately destroyed her; karma is a… you know!

So maybe we should stop blaming conservatives and take a good hard look at our own Democratic Party and the damaged, amoral candidates we trot out there for our nominees. (Okay my liberal friends–I’m ready for the hate posts).img_0319

Unity and Hope to Division and Despair

Yet another election in which we are holding our noses while we vote. Yet another election that further divides the country. Yet another election of vitriolic and slanderous speech. Yet another election of divisiveness, dispassion, and desperation. 

It is hard to believe that only 8 years ago, I was going around the country campaigning for a man who talked about what unites all of us–conservatives and liberals; Democrats and Republicans–as Americans. Only 8 years ago, the sensation of hope was palpable; hope that we could come together as Americans to elect a transformative leader who would unite us in promoting social justice; in saving the worldwide economy; and in hunting down and killing all those responsible for 9/11. 

We accomplished all those things as a united America. We promulgated a law, which required some Republican support, which provided health insurance to 20 million uninsured Americans; both Democrats and Republicans voted for Obama’s stimulus package and together we saved the worldwide economy; through Obama’s drone program , which enjoys bipartisan support (Although he received severe criticism in the left, even from former supporters, i.e., Cornell West), we decimated al Qaeda and gaining ground on ISIS. When President Obama gave the order to take out bin Laden and it succeeded, we united in celebration. Both conservatives and liberals joyfully took the streets in celebration of an American victory. 

Throughout the course of this long (way too long) presidential circus… I mean contest, we have taken giant steps backwards. Not one candidate on either side of the primary process picked up Obama’s mantle of unity. There were no impassioned speeches about the values that we all share as Americans. There we’re no message of hope; no calls for bipartisanship; no passion in general.
Instead, politicians saw the potential opportunities to win an election by seizing and magnifying the issues that divide us: class, race, and religion. Both parties’ candidates are responsible for destroying the opportunity to build upon the transformation that this country underwent during the 2008 election. We overcame class divide, racial bigotry, and religious intolerance in that election cycle. After the election, intellectuals and pundits spoke of the post-racial era. We were united as Americans.

There was not one hero who served to unite us in the 2016 election. Even Senator Bernie Sanders, who shares some of the more progressive components of the President’s ideology, utilized class divide to garner support. He rightfully highlighted the maltreatment of the working and middle classes in this country, but some of the most important progressive figures in this country are members of the upper class–figures who call for the upper classes to pay their fair share.

Hillary is more concerned about winning the election by appealing to certain segments of society than she is about promoting a message of unity. She does not talk about what unites us as Americans. Instead she talks about how Trump insults the segments of society whom she is trying to appeal to. And that is why she is having difficulty with certain demographics such as working class white men. Although Sanders and Clintons diveseness are subtle, the ramifications are not.

Trump, however, is not so subtle in utilizing divisive speech and tactics. The vicissitude that American Politics underwent in four years is surreal. Obama spoke of unity, and that progressives can win elections when we refuse to campaign as black people or white people, or any other specialist interest group, but as progressives united by our shared empathic values. Demagogues like Trump often divide people with shared economic interests with subliminal racist rhetoric. This lifelong racist did not even both with the subliminal component of that strategy. He called Mexicans murders and rapists; categorized all Mus

,.i.Za; Trump dividedbrought about by the rise of the American Far Right in the . Racists I’m h.ave come out from under their scum laden rocks and into the mainstream. David Duke, the former grand wizard of the KKK, is running for Louisiana’s US Senate seat and has not been shy in spewing his hateful, racist speech. Senator Kirk of Illinois attacked his opponent–a Daughter of the American Revolution–at a debate for having an immigrant parent. Donald Trump retweets tweets from Alt Right–a white supremacist hate group. He has a cozy relationship and even hired Alt Right’s racist media consultant, Steve Bannon. Trump called Mexican immigrants murderers and rapists; made anti-semetic comments at the Jewish American Republican Conference; and has called for Muslims to be banned from immigrating to the United States, serving as a great soundbite for ISIS to recruit more terrorists. He has done more to divide us in this election than any other candidate in United States History. 

The 2016 election is the antithesis of the 2008 election. We have reverted to a state of tribalism on both sides of the partisan divide. The candidates do not deserve all of the blame (just most of it). The media napped through the primary process and highlighted  the divisevess of this election only after the damage had been done. We the people deserve some of the blame as well. We reverted to our more base nature of selfishness and tribalism. We wonder which of the candidates will serve our most immediate needs–which candidate represents my demographic. 
A message of hope and unity brought us together in 2008, and through that unity we overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We saved the American economy, beat al Qaeda and killed bin Laden, ensured that 30 million formerly uninsured Americans received health coverage, etc. This election begs the question: what is it that makes us American? Are we just separate, competing demographics in constant confict? Or are we one people, united by our shared values: love of democracy and freedom, love of country, and our belief that as a united people of great ingenuity we can overcome anything?

The Ubiquitous Talent of Our Small Town (South Boston’s Authentic “Will Huntings”)

Remember Good Will Hunting?–Specifically, do you remember the character Will Hunting? Let me refresh your memory: While at a bar with his loyal Southie friends, he notices a pretentious Harvard student trying to make his friend (Ben Affleck) look stupid in front of a group of attractive girls. Will comes to his friend’s aid. After kicking this arrogant bastard’s ass intellectually, he offers the following bit of wisdom:

The sad thing is in about 50 years you’re going to start doing some thinking on your own, and by then you’ll realize there are only two certainties in life … One don’t do that. Two, you dropped $150 grand on an education you could have received for $1.50 in late charges at the public library

After embarrassing this smug Harvard student, Will adds, “And if you got a problem with that, maybe we can step outside and deal with it that way.” (Damon, Matt; Affleck, Ben; Good Will Hunting: 1997) That scene truly reflects the many talents and virtues of Southie. It says, “Yes, I’m an intellectual, but I’m a fighter too. And my loyalty to my friends is absolute.” It is a loyalty that grows from the empathic-nature of Southie folks.


Is this character merely a fictional character? Is it possible that the “genius old school Southie kid” has a non-fictional counterpart?

Of course, a lot of outsiders will say no. To these folks, if you have a thick Boston accent, you are an idiot. There are folks who will cite sociological reasons that a non-fictional Will Hunting is a fantasy. They will cite socioeconomic reasons. And they will cite cultural reasons. And they are wrong. Anyone that knows Southie, knows that our culture is the reason why we not only survived, but thrived.

Our founding fathers arrived here thousands of miles from there homeland, to escape the injustices of oppression, to work for food; the English masters deprived the Irish of the food which the Irish cultivated. Despite widespread famine, the English brought the food home to England, and left nothing for the Irish.

Oppressed for generations, many decided to flee their oppressors. Thus is the genesis of the prominent Irish diaspora. The diaspora that took Boston by storm; the diaspora that mastered the blood-sport of Boston politics; the diaspora that within a couple of generations, proudly elected one of their own as President of The United States: President John F Kennedy.

In my office, there is an authentic sign that reads, “No Irish Need Apply.” There is a simple reason I keep that sign on display. It motivates me. Oppression is the great motivator. And the oppression of the Irish, both in Ireland and in America, affected our culture immensely. We had to work harder; we had to study harder; we were inculcated with the belief that education is the key to freedom. And our ancestors, my grandparents, and my parents were right: it is the key to freedom.

With cultural beliefs such as these, one can theorize that Will Hunting from Southie is a non-fiction character. Enough with the theorizing. We do not need to theorize when one can cite the multiplicity of Will Huntings from Southie.

Let’s start with Senator Joseph Moakley: a man from the Old Harbor Housing Projects in Southie (today it is often called Mary Ellen McCormick). A man who grew up in public housing. A man who fought for his country in World War II, even though he did not have to–he lied about his age when he enlisted. He went on to graduate from Suffolk Law School (Suffolk Law School named their new library after The Honorable Joseph Moakley). He was a state representative, a state senator, and then a Congressman who labored his whole career for the working man, never forgetting the oppression in the collective Irish memory.

When The Honorable Congressman Joseph Moakley passed-away, not too many people thought that anyone could fill his shoes. But Southie provided another Will Hunting: Congressman Lynch. Lynch hailed from the Old Colony Projects. He spent the beginning of his career as an ironworker. The cumbersome, physically challenging nature of his job did not stop him from worrying about his union brothers and sisters–a result of the loyalty and empathy embedded in Southie’s culture. He became president of his Local. Lynch’s leadership skills are unmatched. He follows the philosophy “never forget where you came from.” He took the Moakley path to Congress: state rep., state senator, and now he is The Honorable Congressman Lynch.

The talent of folks from Southie is all-encompassing. Although we do have numerous political heroes, we have sports heroes too. For instance, the first winner of an Olympic Gold Medal in 1500 years, James Connolly. He won the triple jump.

Stanley Cup Champion, Brian Noonan, is also from Southie’s housing projects. Never forgetting where he first got his start, after winning the cup, he brought it to Southie’s Murphy Rink. His gesture made every Southie hockey player believe in themselves.

“Wait,” you’re saying, “Will Hunting is an intellectual genius. The people you listed are talented, but not one of them is a rocket scientist.” True. Let’s amend this careless oversight.

Eugene Lally of South Boston who is indeed a rocket scientist. He assisted NASA with their Apollo Programs and pioneered digital photography.

Southie folks are not just characters in movies–they are also Hollywood Actors. Brian Goodman became an actor after spending 20 years in prison. Authenticity is his hallmark. He actually included former “marks” (the drug dealers and underworld folks that he robbed) as characters in movies. Goodman’s filmography is incredible: Catch me If You Can, The Last Castle, The Fast and The Furious, etc. One could go on forever with his filmography.

Let’s stick with the artist category. My hero Michael Patrick MacDonald is a gentleman whose writing and the work he has down for his own community, and other struggling urban communities makes him the Southie native I emulate the most. His life’s work revolves around the virtue of empathy–that same virtue that Southie continuously strives for. he has done community work for every part of Boston suffering from violence, drug epidemics, or any type of despair. His name is Michael Patrick MacDonald, and he is the author of the very successful book that a less courageous person could not write,All Souls: A Family Story From Southie. He was raised on Patterson Way in the Old Colony Projects. He now spends his life trying to improve the lives of the working-poor people of Boston. He helped to start Boston Gun Buy Back Program. He is Writer and Residence at Northeastern.

Southie is also the hometown of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, lyricist, and screenwriter, David Lindsay-Abaire. He won The Pulitzer Prize for his 2007 drama, Rabbit Hole. He hails from West 5th St.

Obviously, the Irish are prolific writers, and I cannot mention all of Southie’s writers. But the following author is a man that must be mentioned as one of Southie’s favorite writers. Not only is he a writer, but also spent years as a public servant for the people of South Boston: Representative Brian Wallace. He is the leading writer in South Boston with a sharp wit and talented pen. His latest book, A Southie Memoir, takes us back to Southie’s good old days. His love of history and his ability to paint a scene with words brings us right back to the Southie of the 60’s.

The last two “Will Huntings” are special to me for different reasons, but I hold them both in the highest regard.

Speaker of The House John McCormack served in The United States House of Representatives from 1928-1971. He served in World War I. In 1940, he became House Majority Leader. “You’ll never get anything done without Democratic help,” he often yelled across the aisle to his Republican colleagues in the 1950’s during the Eisenhower Administration. Any student of history or politics must note that during the passage of The New Deal Legislation, he was serving in the party leadership (the second highest-ranking Democrat). He became Speaker for 9 years, and the legislation passed under his Speakership makes for one of the finest legacies of any Speaker. He was an early advocate of Civil Rights and the Speaker of The House when The Civil Right’s Act of 1964 was made law (I only wish that the many intellectuals I’ve met who are so quick to generalize Southie as racists knew that it was under the auspices of our native son, John McCormack, that Civil Rights Laws were passed). Speaker McCormick also advocated for and signed laws protecting early education, health care, and elderly welfare. McCormack was a legislative giant who helped pass Great Society’s Reforms. After the assassination of President Kennedy, Speaker McCormack became next in line for the presidency.

The next giant that I am to mention comes from the housing project in Southie named after Speaker John McCormack’s mother, Mary Ellen McCormack. His name is Senate President William Bulger. He and most original Old Harbor families like mine would most likely call our neighborhood Old Harbor; although none of us forgot what the McCormack family did for us. William Bulger is a true Jesuit-trained intellectual. At Boston College High School, by the time we graduate, we are ready to “be men for others.” In other words, we will spend our lives helping our society, our neighborhood, those in need, just as Jesus intended us to do. And Senate President Bulger always heeded the virtues that The Jesuits taught him to strive for. And after going to BC High, BC, and BC Law, earning the honorable title Triple Eagle, his Jesuit education was bound to influence the rest of his life. He became a public servant: First as Massachusetts State Rep, then State Senator. As state senator he was elected Senate President. He served from 1971-1994, which is the longest tenure ever held by someone in that position. He was a political mastermind. But the reason folks love him still to this day is because of his renowned constituent service–another example of Southie’s loyalty and empathy at work. Bulger would field calls on his own and get back to people on his own. That is unheard of now in the Massachusetts State House. The proudest day of my life was when William Bulger, who graduated exactly 50 years before me at BC High, handed me my diploma.

One would be hard-pressed to find such ubiquitous talent in a town of this size. Good Will Hunting should not be seen as a story about a genius whose Southie upbringing makes him an anomaly in a town that is bereft of talented people and intellectuals. Indeed, the opposite is true. Southie, a town with a culture influenced by the oppression of our ancestors, is a town full of talent. But most importantly, Southie is a neighborhood of empathy and compassion. Our tradition of talent and our moral code of empathy have helped make this country a better place to live.

Cruz is no Thomas Jefferson

Calling Ted Cruz a modern day Jefferson is sickening. Jefferson was an intellectual and a philosopher. He obviously didn’t always practice what he preached – he was, in many ways, a hypocrite – but he certainly was not a prosthelytizer bent on establishing a Christian Theocracy in the United States. 

Jefferson’s opponents attacked him as an atheist and warned their supporters to bury their Bibles if he was elected.

Jefferson’s proudest accomplishment was establishing freedom of religion and separation of Church and State in Virginia and in the United States as a whole.

Ted Cruz is running for President because he believes his Presidency will create a Christian Nation, one that has never existed and was never intended by the Framers, in order to expedite the Biblical Apocalypse.

I am no historian but it is difficult to imagine that any of the Founding Fathers or Framers of the Constitution would be on board with Cruz’s plans for an American theocracy – regardless of whether they were slave owners or hypocrites.

The Framers did not mention God in the Constitution for a reason.

They guaranteed religious freedom for reason.

Ted Cruz is a messianic zealot who does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Thomas Jefferson.

He may be slightly more qualified to be President – slightly more qualified – than Donald Trump, but that isn’t saying much.

Neither Cruz nor Trump are even worthy of comparison to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, or any other of our country’s great leaders.

Neither are qualified to be President, and both would be a disaster.

By: The Irish Rover (Happt to Welcome our newest contributor)

MCconnel’s obstructionsim

The obstructionists are at it again. From day one, Republican majority “leader” (I use that in quotes because all that he’s lead is a consistent, childish movement in his party to make Obama fail–to make him a one term president). It’s shameful that the Senate Majority Leader (Holder of one the highest federal offices) has reduced our national dialogue to a petulant, vindictive, and an undemocratic plan to simply refuse to compromise and maintain a sense of civility. Never has a president, since Abraham Lincoln, been faced with such withering, brutish attacks from the right. Yet what makes him a great man, is the fact that these attacks do not slow him down; they do not stop him from doing the next right thing; they are unable to engage him at that childish level.

It is obvious with all the talking heads on the press circuit this weekend, that Mitch McConnel will continue to behave as a petulant child. He will do everything possible to deny the majority of the voters their right to have the president that they voted for to use his Constitutiional right to appoint a new Supreme Court justic. Yet these hypocrites have the audacity to say that President Obama has no respect for the Consitition–a man that has dedicated his life to Constiutional Law. A complete absurdity and evil hypocracy. Take a look at all the judges that have been blocked from their appointments due to Republican filibustering and refusal to compromise. That is what most would call sever abuse of the Constitution and the democratic principles we subscribe to as Americans. We will not let the McConnel pack dictate who the next SJC will be.