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The passion of Paul Adams, MSM, is not in marketing for businesses. Originally studied political science next to the Massachusetts State House at Suffolk University. However, his political education began when Ambassador Flynn of Adams’s hometown of South Boston (Southie) became the most important Catholic in The United States as the minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary at the Vatican. The resulting mayoral campaign was Mayor Menino’s first.

As a child who came from a politically active family in a politically powerful Irish-American enclave, and as a son of one of Congressman Lynch’s chief workers, Paul got a behind the scenes look at how a tough Irish-American campaign is fought. He watched Lynch go from union president to state representative to state senator to Congressman Lynch.

Adams went on to study with Dr. David Paleologos, with whom he maintains weekly contact. Paleologos mentored Adams in conducting and analyzing polls. Adams likes to conduct focus groups to delve deeper into polls. Moreover, he has worked on several high-profile campaigns as a campaign manager and consultant. He prides himself on turning threats into opportunities and crafting effective messaging.

Politics is the art of the possible

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